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water powered vehicle


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it's a crock.

"Novel electrolysis method"? What's novel about it? Electrolysis is done in every grade 10 science class. And HHO has been around since the 60s.

H2 and O2 production via electrolysis is already highly efficient, so why bother with HHO, especially when HHO is dangerously explosive when compressed? Even then, it's -guaranteed- to be less efficient than just using electricity to power your car in the first place...

The pouring of water and nice scene-splicing action is highly deceiving -- you can't just pour water into your hummer and get a running engine aka Back to the Future. You must first put water into an electrolysis machine and then pump the resultant fuel into whatever other engine/torch you're talking about. Hardly novel NOR practical.

They show the tip of the torch stay cool while brass balls are being melted -- well duh. The burning of the fuel is occuring outside the nozzle and one can always find a way to hold the flame such that the nozzle won't heat up. Every 14 year old who learns a bunsen burner is more than a squirt gun soon realizes this.

My point is, this is a YOUTUBE reference to FOX NEWS. And purportedly educated people take it as reasonable science? I'm sure Kansas is happy, but I'm feeling pretty down. And your link doesn't work either.