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Watching the same movie in differrent languages


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So today I finished a small project.

Firstly, I watched the flim from, I think 1930. "All quiet on the western front."

I was inspired to do so based on the centennial of the first world war.

Then I read the book, in English. English is my first language.

But then I read the book again in German, because originally it was written in German.

And then I watched a re-make of the movie, again, in German,

And I just find it fascinating how the tone of a language can influence the narrative. The English version was quite declarative. So much so, you can almost hear the translator's work. What a difficult job it must be to translate a perfect work of narrative into another language. And then to make two, or more, movies out of it, spanning almost a hundred years

I offer to you, the reader, the English version of the book.
If you are willing, to send me, the internet stranger, your name and address, I will purchase you a copy.. Send it to me via PM.

If you are not willing, I am sure there is a copy in your local library, if it hasn't been stolen yet.

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