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Watch me in a video clip-while this file is up online- :) hehe


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Originally posted by mystique0217
you need real player to view it btw..

so much for that.

real anything is for suckers.




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well, but i dont think it works with window fucking player though.
i was only able to view it with real player..
what program did you guys use to view it though?
isn't "rm" for the real players?

i suck.


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no no.. you're right... rm is encoded for real media player... i just dont use real software.... too many nags, i dont like how it encroaches on my system... so i've personally banned anything REAL audio/video from my system.

streaming video drives me nuts too, damn buffering.... it's just no fun.

but that's just me.
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i do hear what you mean, kife.
i had to download the real player to VIEW it.
unfortunately, it was not me who made it. so i had to follow the extension of the file to view it..lol
but comon, pls watch the clip! it makes me giggle..lol
but perhaps it is only me :) but it is all good with me..hehe


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no... sorry... if i didnt install REALPLAYER for that clip of the pandabear stepping on a landmine, i aint gonna install it fo' you! :p




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tee heee :)

i am jet lagged.
after almost 20 hrs of travelling, my body was exhausted..so slept at 11pm last nite and then woke up at 8am ..but did sleep because my clock in my body said it was time for me to go and bed (10pm there)..
so i slept again and woke up at 3pm..

someone entertain me..or help me fucking open the folders of my burned cd that has some massive pictures to put on my web page! lol
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comon, do not bitch the video clip.
someone meaningful made after a few hours he arrived in new york after massive hours of flights and what not.

i did not start the video clip so that people can criticize the quality of the clip.

he made it for me.

the thought is so meaningful to me.

if you do not understand why the fact that this act that was taken by someone i became really good friends with touched me ...and i just wanted to share something that giggles me online, then you donot need to view it.

thanks for viewing it at least though.




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ahhh! bright colours! and i liked how the pics went by so fast, it matched the music and the feeling you all must have had that everythig was spiralling and moving so fast that you didnt get enough time to just chill with each other.
but hey, if you have a fast eye you can make the pics out :)
like dylan's signature in one of the first pics on some wall, and i think i saw kumi dancing, not sure though

hope you can open that cd soon kumi, cant wait to see more pics :)



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That was cool. When were you there? I love Tokyo. Haven't been there since 1998, but I went there a few times in the 90s. It is an awesome place eh? Great people.

How did you post that video on this board. I have some realplayer files that I would love to post on here, but don't know how.



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Yes that was cool indeed.!!

Tell your friend that he did some noice work, and might I ad, that is a mighty thoughtful gift.



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hello dave for the thoughtful message :)

skip, i was there from 4th of feb to 25th..


i miss japan so much already.
things are just so different there.
and i loved it.
and i miss my mom's japanese cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have a real player file, you need it to be uploaded online, and all you need to do is to click on http:// thingy..

if you need some help, message me on my icq or something :)

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Oh yeah, Mom's Japanese cooking.

Last time I was there was in 1997, and I stayed in Sendai, a small city a few hours north of Tokyo, near Matsushima. You know it?

I stayed there with a Japanese family, and literally like every 15 minutes the mom would ask me if I had ever tried a certain Japanese food. If I said no, she would run into the kitchen, make some up and give it to me. Mmmmmmm Sukiyaki.....

Dad and I would just sit on the floor in the kitchen, and he would plug in his 'Sake' kettle and we'd just drink warm sake all night. So good. Such nice people. Love 'em.

And the girls.....ooooohhhhhh the girls. Very nice. Ha ha.

Yeah, if you could, email me at chris@freethoughtproject.com and lemme know a little more about how to post the video online here. I have some clips of Bittersweet I'd love to put on this board (and I don't have ICQ). Cheers Kumi.



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i know. my mom is such a good cook.
i think she is the best cook in the whole entire world to be really serious and honest...

in the living room, there is kotatsu where
there is a square blanket underneath the
top/surface of the table so that it keeps your feet warm..


my mom would have at least three dishes in a table
so there would be:
-very GOOOOOOD steamed rice.
-home made miso soup (people buy miso paste, but we make it in february..i helped my parents make some miso while I was there too)
-cooked fish
-some vegetable stew stuff
-japanese spinach salad (aemono) and stuff..

sooo gooooooooooood.

so you will get at least 15-20 different kinds of
ingredients in a whole meal...so healthy too!

I miss japan already.
I miss having people to have my meal too!
I wished I was living in a warm Japanese house.

I hope to do some cooking this week though!