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Watch Dog


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Just got this game a couple of days ago played about 2hr worth and having a lot of fun with it. The hacking part really does add a lot of tactical options in gameplay. I love it when you get in a high speed chase and you set the police up with a hack to cause a huge accident.
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tons of fun lots to do havent even played a lot of the storyline, tonight I will venture into online hacking since it has now opened up in the game

good tip when getting hacked take out your gun and fire a few shots to clear out civilians
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I find the driving controls a little floaty - could really use some refinement in that department, but otherwise really good game.

I know there is a skill tree for driving so that may help out, but all depends on where you want to spend your points. A lot of my skill points have gone into hacking and some driving.


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Anyone playing it on PS3? I read a review that said it was quite a step down from the ps4 version.


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That said the PS4 version isn't that great. It doesn't look any better than GTA V.

I've had this game for about two weeks now and I've played it for a couple of hours maybe. As soon as I started playing it I realized I think I'm really tired of open world driving games.

I'll probably get back at it this week though.