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Was it a dream?


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I witnessed a grey civic car cut across 6 lanes and t-bone a white corolla car, ricocheted off him only to stop right in front of a 18 wheeler truck.

Everyone survived with minor injuries.

The civic driver decided he wanted to make a lane change clipped a 18 wheeler in front of him, which caused him to turn 90 degree angle and t-bone.

I'm surprised he didn't die.

Cutting 6 lanes of traffic on the 401 Westbound is unimaginable.

It happened in slow motion, it was like a dream and it wasn't even real.

Thankfully, I was in the passenger seat and didn't utter a peep.

My sister's bf being the awesome guy that he is, pulls over and makes sure the guy is ok. I was like omg let's leave, but no BIL is a great guy.

The driver was shaking.

I still remember my heart pounding. My hands were trembling while I called 911.

I think next time I will call 680 news, the emergency crew took so fucking long to show up. Especially when we passed by OPP car waiting on the 400 - he could have easily reached there quickly. It took 15 minutes for people to show up, while cars are whizzing around us.

You know what's the most disgusting? how drivers responded to the car collusion - OH LETS JUST ZOOM BY. Fucking idiots, you are ready to cause another car collusion. TAKE IT FUCKING EASY. It's 11 o clock at night, where are you in SUCH A FUCKING RUSH TO GET TO?

I think that's why I was so happy being in Budapest, no need to fucking drive a car. Obviously, there is commuter stress, but it's not this crazy death gripping driver's stress.

Drivers are becoming rage cray crazier by the day.

Population is increasing and it's just fucked up.

Bypassing more stupid laws isn't going to decrease car collisions either.

I'm actually creating fear in my mind and not wanting to drive for the next little while.
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I created my own personal survey. .I've discovered the worst fucking drivers on this planet are the ones who drive silver cars..(then white cars and then grey)so this doesnt surprise me especially a silver civic stay far away from them...especially during the winter they'll drive 15 km below the speed limit

Klubmasta Will

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driving is actually much safer these days than at any other time in our lives, given new technologies, anti-lock brakes, cameras, radar that makes the car beep/brake if anything gets too close, etc.

so much so that companies that cater to personal injuries and accident victims have been hurting for the last few years, while property & casualty insurers are having record profits.

this is the latest available Canadian government statistics summary on motor vehicle collisions: https://www.tc.gc.ca/media/documents/roadsafety/cmvtcs2013_eng.pdf

in 2013, there were less collisions, and less serious injuries from collisions, than at any other time since the early 1970s, and this is by ACTUAL NUMBER, not per capita, which makes it much more remarkable as the population in the early 1970s was 21mm compared to today's 36mm.

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I'd like to know how many more pedestrian deaths there have been over time. Drivers certainly don't seem to have much regard for them (and yes, there are stupid pedestrians too).

I'm also sure texting plays a big factor here in accidents. Even with all the safety components of cars now, you still have to not have an idiot behind the wheel.
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