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Warsaw Torture Boyz Podcast (xmas edition) by Trevor Wilkes [Techno/Breaks]


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In June of this year I kickstarted a podcast series for the Warsaw Torture Boyz. They're a group over in Poland who make and play the same sort of Techno that I've been throwing at you all for far too long. 6 months or so later and they've got their podcast up to #15. This one I'm sharing with you now is the 16th although I don't think it's being labeled as such as it was merely meant as a xmas special. Enjoy.

This mix is chock full of stabs, hoovers, breaks and the-sort-of-techno-I-do. It makes you do funny things.

01 - The Hacker "Shockwave" Different Records
02 - Altern-8 "Frequency (Barrow Boy Remix)" Balkan Vinyl 13
03 - Northbase "Roughneck" Wheel & Deal 28
04 - Mark Archer "Tuned For The D" De-Tuned 02
05 - Dance Company "Berzerkers (Hardcore Young Team)" Turbo 163
06 - Mark Archer "Tripod +1" De-Tuned 06
07 - JoeFarr "FE CR" Turbo 134
08 - Truss "Brockweir" Perc Trax 65
09 - Matt Whitehead "A Is For Acid (MPIA3 Definition)" Perc Trax ltd 01
10 - CEO "Loud" WNCL 22
11 - JoeFarr "What Time Is Now" Power Vaccum 09
12 - Dj Hesburger "Roll Up Your Sleeves..." Turbo 163
13 - Tessela "Butchwax" R&S 1406
14 - Hornsey Hardcore "Control"
15 - Sub-Culture "Dreams" Kern 02
16 - Hermans "Dread Baron" Zodiac

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