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Warren and Jody WMC 2002 sets


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I don't know about jody's ( haven't listened to it yet) but warrens wmc set is exactly the same as the galaxy mixmaster set.

Except for the mixmaster one doesn't have that annoying mc guy...Mark Schultz......oh yeaaaaaaaaaaa....damn he is annoying.

"Listen to this song, it's sick!"



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jody's set is sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! wicked souless proggy breakbeats ;) actually it gets pretty damn funky in the second half

and yes that fuck marcus schulz needs to die a slow and painful death
at least tongy knows to keep his yap shut and let the music speak for itself


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damn...i gave the JOdy one a proper listen to....i am so impressed...

100% prog breaks devoid of all funk and soul... :p


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Originally posted by JayIsBored

and yes that fuck marcus schulz needs to die a slow and painful death

in total agreement you Orange hatted freak! that boy sounds like such an abrasive yank...
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any of you guys have heard Jody's Esencion and/or way out there compilations?

I have only heard his way out there comp... fantastic.

get your hands on it if you can find it.

not brian dickson typing


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let's get back to jody way out west, he's dropping some breaks, UK style!!!!!

like, wtf is that!?


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yea that cd is cool too.

intensify 1 and 2...are intense.
the fall
etc etc.. brilliant disc IMHO.

yours truly terrence thackeray.... the U.K hick
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anyone know who does the remix of Kosheen-Hungry on the Jody mix???

it's not the Decoder & Substance or Zed Bias mix.