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Warning for Mac users running older OS's with audio software

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
I figured my little experience belongs in this thread...

Be careful if you bring your Macbook in for service, and if you like the way your laptop is running on an older OS (music people especially).

I brought mine in for a HD replacement, they asked if I wanted to upgrade the OS for $xx (from 10.6.8) and I said 'no', BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ONCE YOU UPGRADE, YOUR PROGRAMS WON'T BE COMPATIBLE ANYMORE.

Later on they said that they had no choice but to upgrade the OS, claiming that 10.6.8 wouldn't install on the new hard drive. And sure enough, most of my audio software no longer works. Whether they were BS'ing me or not, still a warning. Be more adamant than I was.
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DJ Vuvu Zela

TRIBE Member
If they only changed the hard drive there's no reason that 10.6 couldn't be installed.

Certain new Apple machines cannot run older OS because those older System software lack certain drivers, but if your MacBook used to run 10.6 then It can run 10.6.

If you have a backup from before you brought it in for service, Or have a Time Machine set up you should be able to get it back to where you were without too many issues.