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Wanted: Smartphone


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I am changing jobs and I handed in the company phone. It is okay, it was one of those "dumb" phones, now looking for a smart phone. Does anyone on Tribe have an Iphone 4s, HTC Amaze/One, Samsung etc, etc, or any other smartphone that is in excellent condition?

I know about Kijiji but it is about trust with me, not interested in meeting someone in a Tim Horton's parking lot for an exchange. Please let me know, thank you.
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I have a Google Nexus 4 I will sell for $300, it is in new condition as it has been protected since day 1 with a bumper, screen protector and the original back film is still on the phone.

It is rooted with a custom kernel, but has the stock ROM - this IMO is my favorite combination for this device. I can flash it back to completely stock if you want as well. No blemishes of any kind, works 100% as it should.

Original box and charger included.

Will work on all networks - currently on WIND.

I am cutting my plan down to a voice only and will probably just use my old Nexus S.



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Thank you for the reply Mr. xtcfreak. I checked out the phone specs and sounds good but I can buy a brand new one from Koodo for $200. Thank you anyways.
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