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wanted records


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i guess everyone else can post their wishlist too..
for now

does anyone have a copy of endless wave by the kamaya painters that they would be willing to sell asap?
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here's some wussy stuff i have on my "buy some day" list:

skylab - lunatic [raul de chile mix] ***
three drives on a vinyl - greece 2000 [mwnn mix] ***
mandala - evolution [commander club dub] ***
arrakis uk - aira force **+
dj natron - das seigel **+
jew n gum - platinum [house negro mix] **+
marino stephano - free time **+
atlantis - see you in the next life **+
earthbound - phuturistic journey **+
brainchild - symmetry c **
captain jack - dream a dream [dumonde] **
jet set & plastic angel - lost in trance **
salamander - tempest [union jack remix] **

and some psy/goa i want that no one will have:

100th Monkey & Tristan - Gobi Desert / Spiritus 12" [Matsuri]
Children of the Doc - Impossible Vortex / Creatures from Outer Space 12" [3DV]
Conspiracy Theory - Project Oblivion / Aural Focus 12" [Phantasm]
Dandandado [Deedrah] El Cateto / Diamond Dust 12" [Balloonia]
Fatima Mansions / Spectral - The Loyalizer / Bizarre Planet 12" [Blue Room]
Four Carry Nuts - Grapefruit / Weird Egg [3RD Ear]
Green Nuns - Remix EP - PTM32 12" [Phantasm]
Growling Mad Scientists - Surreal Killer / One Small Creature [TIP]
Hairstyles of the Cosmos - Bald Marshon / Hairy Venushon 12" [Cabbaged]
Infected Mushroom - Small Moves / Intelligate 12" [SST]
Infected Mushroom - My Mummy Said / Overload Remix 12" [Balloonia]
Jaia - Brainstorm / Orphee [Fairway]
Jaia - Breathing Ocean EP 12" [?]
Logic Bomb - Earth Orbit / Dumbo 12" promo [Kavator]
Orion - Futuristic Poetry 2LP [Symbiosis]
Out of Our Depth Herbs & Spices / Two Dawns Over Baleswar [Cabbaged]
Pan - My City [Orig / Slide / Atlantis Mixes] 21-3
Shakta & Moonweed - Micronesia EP [Celtic]
Sibilant - Proper Filth [Symbiosis]
Talking Souls - Karma 209 [Polytox]
Tandu - Blue Aura / New Aura [Blue Room]
The Infinity Project - Time & Space [Dragonfly]
The Infinity Project - Virtual Reality / Hyperactive [Atmosphere AT15]
Transwave - Helium 2LP [Matsuri]
Various Artists - Boyd in the Void EP
Various Artists - Black Rhino
Various Artists - Full on 1 [Balloonia LP 3]
Various Artists - Holy Mushroom [High Society]
Various Artists - Pure MDMA 12" [Balloonia]
X-Dream - Radio LP [Blue Room]
Xerox - Jungle Fever / Bug 2000 / Gravity Waves [Infected Remix] [Balloonia]
Digitalis - Delta Key [Indica]
Digitalis - Shakta [Indica]
Pharagonescia - Pharatropic / Touch [Spark]
Radiation - On the Machine / A View From Serendipity
Blue Planet Corporation - Over Bloody Flood / Midian / Genetic

at least this didnt take me any time to write out


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kodos:
jet set & plastic angel - lost in trance

satori will probably get rid of his copy.

If you ever get Children of the Doc - Impossible Vortex .. let me know.. i'll request the fuck out of that.
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