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Wanted: Peter & Tyrone mixes


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Really enjoyed listening to those mixes. I think I have something from P&T as well. I can recall it having Paul Johnson's Burnin' For Ya Yearnin. I searched high and low for that 12" for so many years until recently :).

Bob Sinclar at that time was one of my favorite producers.

Gymtonic (think Thomas Bangalter had something to do with this one), Visions of Paradise, In Da Ghetto, and Ultimate Funk were awesome jams. My fav though has to be Feel For You.


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Hard house sessions 3 was one of my favs from back in the day.

All the tracks on sessions eight are a blast from the past but I couldn't listen to it because it's pitched way up. I guess back then "speed" didn't matter lol.


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Looks like a lot of people would be interested in that Live at Industry mix. Hopefully you can find it in your digging! :)

And yes guy, those were the better days!
Found it only one issue my FTP site is currently down so I have no where to upload it. But, I have uploaded it to mixcloud so you can listen to it at least till the FTP site is back up and running. It should be back this week. Till then enjoy...Peter n Tyrone live @ Industry by MikeMontana | Mixcloud - Re-think radio

ooops almost forgot...there is a slight pop at the begining from a loose cable. but it only happens once but you might want to keep it low till after that part or you'll get a jolt
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Sweet, I'm listening to this at work. What a way to end of a crazy work week.
Thanks bro! Looking forward to the file on the FTP.

Bernnie Federko

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sounds like the Industry mix is the clubs 2nd anniversary (Caj & Cevin Fisher were the guests). I remember very little of that night. Fun.
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Aaron Bradley

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I have a friend who has all of these tapes but we haven't seen each other in a few years. He has all the P&T tech house tapes, all the Myka stomp tapes, all the "summer finale" tapes (DJ Dan, Heather, Andy Roberts... ) and he has almost all Kenny Glasgow tapes.

I could reach out and see if he has any of these... the only problem is that I know that I'll have to do the conversion and he lives far away. I'll see what I can do.


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i remember having a tape by P&T had a green casing on it... one of the songs always did it for me....massive tune!!!

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One of my favourite P&T nights at Industry was a friends and family night and every now and then they'd mix in the house remix of "All Night Long" - it became sort of theme for the night and ppl would go apeshit when it came on again.


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ohh... they have kenny glasgow's 'green'. i lost this tape. one of his best mixes imo.
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