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WANTED: Lonely Planet India

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Aerius Zension

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I think they meant the book, not the TV show. If not, my bad.

However, I didn't know Lonely Planet TV shows existed. This is good, very good.

LP came out with two India books in last Sept.


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Aerius Zension said:
I didn't know Lonely Planet TV shows existed.

Upon re-reading, I think you're right; book request.

Regardless, there are hundreds of Lonely Planet episodes...you may also want to search for "pilot guides" or "globe trekker" (which is the name you might have seen them as)
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LP: India

I would personally recommend buying it in India. If you are flying into Delhi or Mumbai they have book stalls in the down town core that sell them for about 1/4 of the price. If you wanted to read up before you got there just hire it out from your local library, visit the tree forums on lp's site and you should be good to go.

Have fun!



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try a used book store, they are usually really good for travel books and at a lot less cost to ya, and you get to recycle