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Wanted: Large Guy (bouncer)

I need one more bouncer to work an event at the St Lawrence Market this coming Friday, March 17th.

You need to be a BIG guy, none of this namby-pamby "I'm only 5'8 and 150 pounds, but I'm like an ant and can lift ten thousand times my weight" bullshit.

I want big and I want beefy. This is a HUGE event and your big guns will potentially be used to turf some really hammered people.

Details: Event starts SHARP at 3 pm. Booze is cut off for the patrons at midnight, and you will need to get everyone out of there by 1 a.m. at which point the job ends. Pay is $15/hour, for 10 hours.

Contact: e-mail at daddy i want chocolate @ hotmale dot com or post in here.

Please note: I only need ONE guy, so once I have communicated back and forth with that person, I will post in here to indicate the job is filled. I will not be responding to any e-mails after it's filled.
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daddyiwantchocolate said:
Someone not on Tribe.

that seems right,

big dudes dont need the kind of circle-jerk-esque gratification the rest of us slender dudes require from a message board, it one of many atributes of abnormally big guys, along with: (in no particular order)

1. those puffy tapered pants only worn at the gym
2. creatin dependence
3. homoerotic-like obsession with "manhandling" drunk guys
4. huge traps to really accentuate their tiny heads.
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