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WANTED : Insigma - Open Your Eyes 12" (ATCR)


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: : Insigma - Open Your Eyes 12" (All Trance Communications Records): : .

Willing to pay up to US $ 30.00 for this vinyl...more if it is mint.

OR I will be willing to trade one of these rare vinyls for it:

1) Mansun - Wide Open Space 12" (Perfecto Remix)

2) Orkidea - Unity 12" (SteelBlue Fish - about 1000 copies worldwide)

3) Cosmican - I Love You 12" (Promo)

4) Westbam Vs Red Jerry - Wizards of the Sonic 12" (Matt Darey Remix)

5) Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha Vs The Light Remix) 12"

Although Insigma - Open Your Eyes will be released soon on VC Recordings as quoted by Andy Perring (of Pulser, Thrillseekers), I need this tune badly enough to offer cash or any one of these UNPLAYED, MINT vinyls for your extra copy.

Anyone who's willing to part with their extra copy, please email me at fire999@sympatico.ca or PM me...

I'll try to make this transaction as swift as possible.



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I don't have any vinyls at all ... but thats is one of my fav tracks

Wish you the best of luck geting that one.