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Wanted Female DJ to spin at Technology Trade Show.


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Gig is January 28th, 2010. Downtown Toronto. 2pm - 8pm (actual show is between 3pm - 7pm). Must have own gear (preferably vinyl). You will be on camera while spinning, to help display new cinematic cameras for the film/television industry.

Rate to be discussed.

If interested, please contact info@replayentertainment.ca

Thank you.

jocelyn dee

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I would totally do this, if I wasn't going to be 9 mths pregnant at that time.

What type of music do you want to be played - maybe I can suggest some people...


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no, it's a proven fact that women sell shit at trade shows. Guys, not so much.

I think it might be better, however, to just hire a booth bunny to mimic DJing and play a 2-hour mixtape while she does so. No one at a trade show will be trainspotting.. Just do it like Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga!

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I know it sucks to ask but what's the pay for this? Bringing in own equipment can be labour intensive and basically it's a full days work.

Maybe if there were 2 female Djs that wanted to split the time it could make for a very fun day! :)

Any ladies out there interested? I'd be up for doing part of the day!


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Rate is $500 for the time slot -- P/U and D/O of your equipment, to and from Liberty Village will be provided. I have no problem, with 2 people splitting the time, unfortunately I cannot provide more on the rate.

Vinyl is a more visually dynamic medium to be shown on camera, then say a laptop, which would not have any motion.

Please email for more details. Thank you to those who have responded thus far:)

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