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Wanted: Computer Desk

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by DJ Doublecross, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Anyone selling a computer desk? Right now my desk consists of two tower speakers with a board laying on top.
    I don't want anything too big, or tall.. just a nice looking desk that can hold a computer/monitor/printer. Ikea has some nice, smaller desks, but they cost around $300.
    So if anyone is looking to get rid of a desk, let me know!

  2. Cheap Ego

    Cheap Ego TRIBE Member

    Rob I just picked up a desk from Staples and I'm surprised at how happy I am with it! It's a corner unit with a slideout keyboard tray, two hutches that can be used as rackmounts and a monitor stand big enough for a 19"... it was only $140 + tax... check them oot!
  3. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    ikea also has desks for about 50-70 bucks that consist of a variety of finished planks and a variety of legs to suit your taste
  4. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    I have a desk that I no longer use. It is in good condition. A few minor scratches on the desk surface from wear and tear, but they are not very noticeable. The reason I no longer use it is because I bought a complete matching bedroom set when I moved to my new place.


    Each panel of the desk is a full 1 inch thick, and is very sturdy and strong. The weight of the stuff on the desk in the picture is almost 200 lbs (the monitor alone is 110 lbs).

    It was originally around $250, I believe. Make me an offer via PM if you are interested.

    You will have to pick it up if you are interested. It can be disassembled though and slid into the back of a car/truck.

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  5. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    ooh nice monitor man! how big is she?

  6. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    Sony 24 inch widescreen.

    I may be selling it if anyone is interested. I want to get a smaller LCD display.

    Unfortunately finding someone in the Toronto area that has need (and the money ;)) to buy a 24 inch display is highly unlikely. I have to sell it locally since the weight of the unit is a little over 100 lbs and shipping to the US is about $500-$600.

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  7. litespeed

    litespeed Well-Known TRIBEr

    how mush are you going to sell the monitor for?

    I just happen to have to have some extra funds in my wallet these days..
  8. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    I paid $3,300 CDN for it new. It is about 2 years old, but in mint condition.

    PM me an offer if you are interested. I haven't decided on exactly what I feel a fair price would be (mainly because there are so few used ones on the market to compare it with).

    Cheers ... Ian :)

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