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Wanted: Benevolent Benefactor


TRIBE Member
Must be independantly wealthy, open minded, and much have an earnest desire to save the world (or at least a small part of it)

Well... That day has come when I've realised that there is no way to create a truly independant autonamous society when everyone involved (myself included) has been bought off, or relies upon the existing system for survival.

To be able to leave it somehow requires a sizable amount of resources, wich... obvously are not available to most. And any attempts to raise these resources by working within the system will only leave one tied to the system more then before.

Therefore I have resigned myself to the fact that all we can do for now is - perhaps - hold down the fort as best we can untill we come to the attention of some kind of benevolent, independantly wealthy person or group wich can provide us with the resources we rquire.

So, you you are this benevolent, independantly weathy person or group, please contact me at:

E-mail Octavian__@hotmail.com