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Want a million dollars? (eat at McDonald's)


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Is it a contest or a settlement?

McDonald's Instant Prize Giveaway, which runs Friday through Sunday, is a little bit of both. As part of a class-action lawsuit settlement, McDonald's is awarding 15 prizes of $1 million each to random winners.

The prizes will each be paid as $50,000 a year for 20 years without interest.

The giveaway follows a scheme that defrauded McDonald's and its customers. An employee at a marketing firm hired by McDonald's rigged some previous contests and gave the winning game pieces to friends.

The giveaway was approved by Judge Stephen Schiller for the settlement in the case of Boland V. Simon Marketing Inc., and McDonald's Corp.

A computerized random drawing selected five winning restaurants, and for each of them, a time of day was also randomly selected. On the days of the Instant Prize Giveaway, a team of judges in each of the selected restaurants will give the award to the first customer who enters the restaurant or pulls up at the drive-thru after the randomly selected time of day.
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So let me get this straight -- McDonalds (or some contractor they hired) commits fraud, and McDonalds gets to run another marketing promotion as punishment? Yeah that sounds about right.
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