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Want a .CA domain? 1000s to be released very soon!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Vidman:
If you're interested in registering a .CA domain name, now's the time to do it.

The link below is a list of 1000s of inactive .ca domains that will be released soon.

sweet..."www.titsandass.ca" is available!


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finally, i'll be able to get:

it's been 3 years of excruitiating pain waiting for this one.

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house-brand.ca house-plans.ca house4sale.ca house4u.ca housebrand.ca housebrands.ca housebuyinghelp.ca
housebuymouse.ca housecall.ca housedesigns.ca housefinder.ca houseforming.ca houseforsalebyowner.ca houseforyou.ca householdhelp.ca
householditems.ca householdproducts.ca houseinspections.ca houseinspector.ca houseinspectors.ca houseinsulation.ca housekeeping.ca houseleases.ca
housemaid.ca houseofgod.ca houseofphotography.ca houseplants.ca houserenovations.ca houserental.ca houseroofing.ca houses-for-sale.ca
houses4sale.ca housesearch.ca housesecurity.ca houseservices.ca housesforsalebyowner.ca housestorent.ca housewareitems.ca housewears.ca
housewives.ca housing-investment.ca

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