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Want a .CA domain? 1000s to be released very soon!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Vidman, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. Vidman

    Vidman TRIBE Member

    If you're interested in registering a .CA domain name, now's the time to do it.

    The link below is a list of 1000s of inactive .ca domains that will be released soon.

  2. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    sweet..."www.titsandass.ca" is available!
  3. labRat

    labRat TRIBE Member

    finally, i'll be able to get:

    it's been 3 years of excruitiating pain waiting for this one.

  4. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member



    nice.. [​IMG]
  5. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    haha plur.ca
  6. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member


    house-brand.ca house-plans.ca house4sale.ca house4u.ca housebrand.ca housebrands.ca housebuyinghelp.ca
    housebuymouse.ca housecall.ca housedesigns.ca housefinder.ca houseforming.ca houseforsalebyowner.ca houseforyou.ca householdhelp.ca
    householditems.ca householdproducts.ca houseinspections.ca houseinspector.ca houseinspectors.ca houseinsulation.ca housekeeping.ca houseleases.ca
    housemaid.ca houseofgod.ca houseofphotography.ca houseplants.ca houserenovations.ca houserental.ca houseroofing.ca houses-for-sale.ca
    houses4sale.ca housesearch.ca housesecurity.ca houseservices.ca housesforsalebyowner.ca housestorent.ca housewareitems.ca housewears.ca
    housewives.ca housing-investment.ca

  7. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

  8. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

  9. Quirkz

    Quirkz TRIBE Member

    hellsangels.ca, I'm all over that.
  10. Cameron

    Cameron TRIBE Member

    bedwetter.ca !

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