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Wallenda walks across Grand Canyon


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He's walking across the Grand Canyon tonight. No safety harness. 8pm on Discovery channel, with 10 second delay in case he falls off.
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rave jedi

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Watched it tonight at my friend's place on the Discovery Channel live. It was more impressive than last year's feat walking across Niagara Falls.

I was actually at Niagara Falls last year with the super big crowd of people. Was so packed and it was really hard to see Nik, even on the giant monitors at the event. Tonight, I saw everything from my friend's nice TV with no obstruction from anyone! ;)
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"Thank you God. I know you have authority to calm this wind, in the name of Jesus."

Lucky for him, God throttled back on the wind controls.


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Beer babe

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From Tweet of God: This guy walking across the Grand Canyon is really cool. I may need to meet him. Like, soon.
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Pfft, he would have been fine - everyone knows this is what happens when you fall from that height:


He would have been back up to the top in 10 seconds.