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Discussion in 'House Room' started by Suke, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    I just heard two WACKDADDIES tracks this weekend. I have never heard of these guys before. The tracks were pretty dope on plastic. Anybody else hear of these guys? They have a nice sound.

    Tryin' to get back in "the game" ============================> Suke.
  2. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    Suke, I think those are the guys that did "Whack Ass Mutha Fucka"....am I right? If so, I've been playing that track for awhile, but just recently found out who it was...or maybe not [​IMG]


  3. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    I don't know if they did W.A.M.F. That is not one of the tracks I heard this weekend. I heard a track called "WACKDADDIES take Cali" - WACKDADDIES. Pretty dope of plastic kind of track. Look into it. Its kind of old though.

  4. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    age is only a state of mind see you tonight Suke and Silver Robot


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