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wabi anniversary w. akufen


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I know there's already a thread on the second page about this night, but it's got Monolake in the title and it was making me too sad. :D

I'm really looking forward to Friday night. For some reason I always look forward to hearing wabi residents with great anticipation.

After the anti-climactic nature of last Saturday @ Surface, I'm looking forward to hearing some heart-felt techno booming around that dingy little room. :)

It'll go far in making my lonely Valentine's heart feel soothed.
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thanks bbb..
and there is an ableton demo..
and there will be wabi 5yr limited t-shirts available..
and there will be 2 full days of spatial design..
and there will be 4 special prepared projection installation..
and we are aiming for something like 15,000watts of sound..
thanks for your support..


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i love wabi. :)

(i also love that i've known these wabi guys for a long time, just about since wabi started)
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I have officially secured the day off work on Saturday night thereby allowing me to get down with the freaks on Friday night! :D

This shall be my first Wabi event, my first techno event of 2004, and the first time I've been out since Hawtin in October. The pressure has been building for some time.

If you see a lumpy, greying man on the floor lying broken from techno, be sure to say 'Hi'. :eek:


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final update..

0213 - wabi 5 year anniversary

we never pictured it way back when on a cold kensington market night in
february 1999 but here we are, pleased to be inviting you to help us
celebrate five years of doing what we do. if you've been to one of our
events in the past we thank you and hope to see you friday night. if
you've never been before and if you can only go to one of our nights
this year then this friday is the one. oh and by the way, we do have
someone by the name of akufen to rock the party right.

having gained worldwide acclaim following the release of his album 'my
way' on force inc., montreal's akufen (marc leclair) has gone on to
release dozens of innovative tracks on labels such as perlon, trapez
and oral and remix such artists as massive attack, cabaret voltaire and
luomo. catch marc playing live as he makes a very rare toronto
appearance at our anniversary party and treats us to some brand new
unreleased material.

friday february 13th.. 9pm.. surface.. 12 brant st.
$12 advance + before 11pm.. more after.. 19+

akufen > live [force inc. trapez. perlon. mutek.. montreal]
residents > nitsuji. otaku. ozawa. task

tkts > odyssey. soundscapes. kops. penguin. rotate this

other exciting things on friday:
- we will be unveiling our limited edition wabi t-shirts - we've got
one in your size!
- there will be a very limited number of the last of our 4 year
compilation CD's for sale.
- surface will have a brand new 15,000 watt sound system. that's a lot
of watts.
- and don't forget the ableton live demonstration at 9pm. the demo
obviously won't be by monolake anymore but it will be conducted by an
ableton-appointed specialist.

read about akufen + wabi in the eye:




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I'm in for this one. Missing live PA's is just dumb. I can't fuking wait to hear what this guy has in store.

I haven't been to a Wabi party in aaaaaaages. Looking forward to this one. :)

Happy Birfday Wabi! :)
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terrawrist III

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Originally posted by qtip
Im there for some drinks and tekno.

finally WE meet!...should be good times...can't get the fact that monolake won'y be there out of my head! ...hope it doesn't effect me tomorrow:)
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