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voytek - gong valley (hard/psytrance)


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This is a yet another collection of the new(ish) wave of full-on psytrance that reminds me of hard trance from 10 years ago. (except more betterly productioned).

Disclaimer: This was mixed at low volume and even though neither the mixer nor the recording device showed any signs of redlining, parts of the mix came out distorted. Proper equalizing can alleviate the effects of my apparent lack of.... um.... vision.

Anyways, I hope enjoy these tunes:

Rumble Pack – The Sliph
Tikal – Mr. Pink
Psysex – Alien Cop
Astrix – Monster Remix
Wizzy Noise – Epocwave
Electric Universe – The Prayer
Optokoppler – Straight
Ibojima – Apollo Project
Dizzy Mind – Stop It
Oktokoppler – Persia
Black and White – Music Is
Astrix – Fire
Shanti – Alter Ego
Talamasca – Overload

Gong Valley

Once again, thanks to OTIS for hosting.


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Absolutely wicked set......I am hungover as a dog in my living room and it's making me feel like its last night all over again....thanks for the mix!
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is it Electric Universe – The Prayer with :O melody line in the 24th minute... whoooaaa
That's Monster Remix - remember at Destiny I was freaking out over John dropping it?

And 42 min. it's Optokoppler - those guys don't have a single bad tune, so I had to put at least two in here...

Littlest Hobo

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DL'd & listened to it yesterday.

This is some hot shit.

Awesome flow, just when you think there can't be any more tricks whammo let's all jump in the dirt. Good job voytek!