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Vote for Canada!!!!! Breakspoll.com breakbeat awards


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from the site:
Its that time of your when you get to cast your all important vote, to decide who will come top in this years International Breakbeat Awards. Competition is bound to be fierce again this year, but if you can't decide, make sure you have a browse through the profile on the site.

This years awards night will take place on 26th Feburary at Egg in Kings Cross, and features a star studed line up of top notch breabeat action from the likes of Adam Freeland, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, Meat Katie, Rennie Pilgrem and Stanton Warriors to name but a few.

So heres the trick we need some canadians in the running at least so we can get more international recognition. So lets list all the Canadian producers, Djs, and labels. Some off the top of my head are:

Producers: Robb G, Phat Conductor, Electrician, Myagi, Czech, Influenza, Dave Dub, Beat Brothers, Paranoid Jack, Jelo, Decepticon

Djs- Big League Chu Chu train, Robb G, Dave Saddler, Angus Robinson, DMONIC, Phat Conductor, Electrician, Dave Dub, Influenza, Czech, Myagi, Kick,J Matt, Red Turtle, Skank Honto, Decepticon

Labels - Pure Phunk, 2 Wars, Bugeyed, WOMP!, PROMO, Release

vote here : http://www.breakspoll.com/2004/vote.asp

Please add to my list, I'm just doing it off the top of my head so forgive me if I forgot anything
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