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Von Pixel - Spliced Vinyl Records guest mix (Just deep beats)


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Long time no see tribe people!

I recently started putting out deep house / space techno tunes on a label, and they asked me to make a mix. So here it is! A buncha stuff on here.

XI - Squeeze
Pulse Plant - Stolen Goods (Von Pixel remix)
Kris Wadsworth - Junky Lust
Limacon - Rubber Bump (Mike Shannon remix)
Steve Bug - Swalled Too Much Bass (Joris Voorn remix)
Piemont - Panic Room (Sidney Charles remix)
Florist - Diesa (Lazzich remix)
Efron - The Bunker
Pulse Plant - Mr. White
Tony Rohr - Touch Me
Porno Poltergeist - Perfection
Pulse Plant - Fabric
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room