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Von Pixel - Full Color Podcast 01 - [deep house & techno]


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Decided to start doing a bi monthly podcast of the music I’ve been enjoying lately. It also features a few unreleased tracks that I’m working on.

Available for download on soundcloud.

Abe Duque - LOVE
Chipstar - pl09 (eat hole)
Sei A - Swoon
Mike Dehnert - Umangston
Von Pixel - Acid Dad (lofi mix)
Von Pixel - Weaponized Coffee (maximum kush mix)
Antonio Del Prete - It’s Alright (Kris Wadsworth remix)
Mr. C - Something Strange (Mike Shannon Dub)
Lemos, Kreon, Masomenos - Greeks
Brett Johnson & Dave Barker - Temptation & Lies (Deadbeat & Shannon Remix)
Adam Marshall - White Mouse
Mathew Dear - It’s Over Now (Peter Grummich remix)
Stefano Noferini - Vegas (Ron Costa remix)
Jeff Milligan - Convinence Store
Von Pixel - Zero Gravity Pool Party (micro bikini mix)
Adam Marshall - Burn It Down
Kris Wadsworth - High Revival (Lee Jones remix)
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (MJ vs Noosa Head remix)
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