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Volvo links brand with prostitution to revive lagging sales


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won't happen.

it'll look bad, and it's not like I can't go get a handy or some action all legit or semi legit as it is.


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If it does happen, it will be in a region Harper doesn't have a chance of getting votes in anyways.
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It'll never happen in fact even Amsterdam's is going the way of the dodo.
Any market has its ebb and flow. I am fairly certain there are red light districts in major cities of many European nations and they all seem to be doing what they are there to do.
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Also, the idea of a "district" to serve a country as big as Canada is a bit of a joke. Something tells me the Edmonton hookers aren't going to pack it up and move to Winnipeg to be in the approved district.


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The Winnipeg Whore

My first trip up the Saginaw River,
My first trip to the Canada shore,
There I met sweet Rosie O'Grady,
Better known as the Winnipeg Whore.

"Come right in, I'm glad to see you,
Slap your ass across my knee,
We will have some fun together,
Dollar and a half will be my fee."

Some were dancin', some were prancin',
Some lay drunk on the barroom floor,
But there I was in the northeast corner,
Screwin' hell out of the Winnipeg Whore.

Then, in there walked some sons 'a' bitches,
Must have been a score or more,
Oughta seen me shit my britches,
Slidin' my ass out the whorehouse door.
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We already have a red light district. It's located in Now Magazine's classifieds.
bah, no one answers my ads in now magazine for "husky hairy half italian cub w/ a thick cock"

now magazine is full of twink ass bitch wannabe rent bois.....

bunch of fags..........
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