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Volunteer Position!: Logistics Staff member needed for Scientific Expedition


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Hey Guys,

We are looking for one more for our Operation Wallacea logistics team in Honduras!

This is a one of kind opportunity that will allow you access to extremely remote areas of rain forest and cloud forest, as a support staff member for a scientific expedition!

This is a volunteer position that does require the candidate to pay their own airfare and insurance expenses, however we will cover accomodation and food while you're there working. I can tell you from experience that this is a summer that will change your life!

Key Qualities
- Must have a valid driver's license and be able to drive manual transmission in the city, as well as on mountain gravel roads.
- Must be able to speak spanish, or at least be eager and able to learn as the season progresses.
- Positive, proactive team player with good problem solving skills
- Must be able to do a little heavy lifting, however most of the gear is easily managed

Preferred Qualities
- Mechanically inclined, with good working knowledge of vehicle care and repair
- Off-road driving experience
- academic background in zoology discipline an asset, but not required.

The successful candidate will be required from no later than June 15th, and required to work until at least the second week in August.

Those interested in applying or have further questions, please feel free to PM me. If you want to see what you can expect to encounter in honduras, take a look at the pictures I posted here:


If you want more information about Operation Wallacea, you can visit our website at www.opwall.com




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Still looking for volunteers, and have habitat surveyor positions available as well(taking school groups into the forest to do nature surveys).

Feel free to PM me or email me at daniel dot thoms at opwall dot com

for those who want to see what Operation Wallacea is about, you can find us at www.opwall.com


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haha.. if my contract was up here I'd be all over this, even if it's not remotely close to my field. Looks like a total blast!

I'm jealous, dan!