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Volleyball in Toronto


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This summer I'd like to sign up to play volleyball somewhere once or twice a week. Does anyone know where I can do this?

Are there informal volleyball teams that get together each week?

Any info would be great. Thanks guys!
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madnezz said:
hahaha not so pro.... sounds like the right thing for me! ;)

hah, yep, that's why im waiting until next year to sign up! :p
This summer it'll have to be tennis, swimming and de gym. Im fucking tired of running at Centennial Park. Oh gym/tennis, how I've missed you!
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toronto has many leagues for both beach and indoor volleyball. i played in a couple of beach volleyball leagues, and an indoor league last year.

depending where you live, there are different leagues you may want to join. check here as a start: www.tcssc.com


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Richard, we need to get you on a pay-per-use program for vowels.

Wheel of Fortune styles, perhaps.


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notsopro has both indoor court and outdoor beach for summer
tcssc and wtssc will also have leagues
indoor beach is also available during the year @ northbeach over on railside near lawrence & dvp. They have league nites and pick up on fri & sat starting @ 9:30pm until 2am. THey have a bar too. There's another indoor beach place over @ lawrence & dufferin, name escapes me now.

the YMCA on grosvenor (and other Ys around the city) also have pick-up nites - grosvenor i think is monday, wed and Fri


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I did the beach volleyball with notsopro last summer and it was great. I signed up again for this spring. I'm really looking forward to it.


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I've been playing with notsopro for a few years. There's nothing like being down on the beach with 100 or so courts full of players. Awesome atmosphere! It can be pretty fun too when it rains...
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not so pro - is good if you want to play league for both indoor and outdoor (beach). There are other leagues as well (toronto west and toronto central) but they do not have as many teams.
You can also play the tourneys that are put on by each league or if you are looking for some high claibre, check out the outtahand tourneys.

If you are just looking for some competative indoor pick up - I run a tuesday nite pick up vball. Mens height, coed, competative, free.
We also have a group of beach players (15-30) that play most of the summer together, competative, coed, free