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VO2 max/ HR training


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Just had (and by "had", i mean "survived") my vO2 levels measured for the first time, and have got my heart rate zones figured out. I've been running long distances for 8+ years, and doing triathlons for 3, and am now just going to start using HR zone training.

Wondering if anyone else here uses HR monitors and zones for endurance training (cycling and running) and how they found it worked for them?

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I used to do HR training when I was running more and was more serious about it. It is a good way to monitor your progress. The most valuable part of having an HR monitor is to keep you going slow on the slow runs/workout which I believe is the most essential part of a training programme.

Once you learn how the effort level feels in each zone you can leave the HR monitor at home. Breathing is usually a good indicator of your effort level and once you learn to correlate that with your heart rate you can run by perceived effort level, which is what I do now. But I still have the tendency to run a bit faster than I should, and a heart rate monitor would probably be useful to beep at me to tell me to slow down, but I don't like the chest strap on me all the time.

I just have a simple monitor which displays my HR and beeped when I am out of the zone I program it to. You really don't need anything fancy.

I used to give lectures about HR training to runners so I am happy to talk physiology and other things. It may even inspire me to dust off my old monitor and take it out for a run.