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Vivid in Cambridge


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Fresh fruit!!! Yes! I have never gotten fresh fruit on skewers or whatever you call them at a party before. Nice couches, nice rooms, super friendly people, lots of room to dance, and the chill-out room upstairs with the candles and art (Jen and her photography!) ... it was all good. I especially enjoyed Jelo's set ... Nice to see that Fresh is making an impact in the Tri-cities and I can't wait till the next event! The vibe here reminded me of Ravestock 2000 at Club Tropicana if anyone remembers that party. Intimate and tight ... props to Dennis and everyone else, cause it's rare that something like this happens in KW or Cambridge. The party was really well planned .. the bouncers didn't care about cameras, there was a backyard to cool off, lots of bathrooms. I know people were concerned about Twilight as a venue because of the pool tables and all that, but I saw nothing but space and UV lights.. (the orange and yellow chairs ... YAHH) ... At 6 a.m. I had to drive to TO for a flight to Winnipeg at 8:30 a.m... I have never slept soooo well on a plane before.
Nice seeing Ian and Brandon from the Board and Michelle from a bus incident on Canada Day heh... my sidekick Jazzy Jeff is probably still passed out. Kev and Elaine, did you make it home?!
peace ..
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Yes, Yes!!! What a wicked party! Fun times had by all! Congrats to Darrick, Dennis, Andy and the rest of the Fresh Crew. I'd never been to Twilight before and have to say the fresh crew did a wicked job on the venue, nice sound, lights, decor, and wicked DJ's. The vibe was tight, nice intimate vibe. Everyone there was having a great time, which was plain to see, as there was not one single person standing around - they were all bustin' loose. Nice to see so many faces I haven't seen in a while. So many people to talk with, so little time <he,he>. Now to the DJ sets- I arrived about 11pm and got to hear Tube sock and Vandal play back 2 back, too bad there wasn't many people there at this point as these guys dropped some sick, sick breaks with a little two-step for good measure. Prophecy was layin' down his sweet house sounds nicely in the second room. Next up was Deeno, who dissapointed me a bit with some shaky mixes. D-monics set was good and got the crowd warmed up nicely for the highlight of the night Jelo (thanks for the beers buddy), his set was hard and pumpin' and had the dancefloor in a frenzy. Issac S. played a wicked set in the second room and came close to Jelo's as being the set of the night. I left about 3:30 so I missed Jet and Phantasm, but I'm sure they were great too. Can't wait for the next one. It's hard to find a party like this one these days!!
I have two words....Lovely Jubbly.....Jay.


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I didn't go because I had a flu bug that hit me while at work...

Would have been nice though


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I had a good time at this event. The promoters made good use of the space, and it was cool to have so many different rooms/areas to check out, even if the second room was a little awkward from a sound setup perspective. (The noise bleed between the two rooms was kind of distracting. All the same, a two-room venue is worth the drawbacks.) I thought the artwork on the second floor was cool.

The free fruit was a nice touch, canceling out the expensive water.

Anyhow, it was great seeing some old friends and some newer ones (Kenneth), and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.


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Thanks for all the support, it makes the effort that much more worthwile 8c)
I had a wicked time throwing this event!! I may have looked stressed until about 2am but thanks to a couple of beers and some frendly peeps I ended it by having one of my best times ever. I didnt get a chance to listen to the earlier DJ's but Isaac was on as always, and Jelo was wicked from what I had a chance to hear. The best set I heard was Jet's early in the morning, while not technically as solid as Phantasm's his beats were pounding hard!
Fresh is looking forward to throwing more parties in the future and we will be alot smarter the second time around. If anyone has any suggestions, Ideas, or any other type of feedback please e-mail me at: akuepfer@hotmail.com
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