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Vital Productions: @ the Gypsy-CooP Tonight

MC Wizard

TRIBE Member
Vital Productions continues it's weekly
Saturdays @ The Hooch with "Drum'n'Bass For The Soul".

Tonight the vibe will be brought to you by:

Wizard (Gamma Ray Records) - a mix of old school and a new chunk of unreleased deep & futuristic drum'n'bass laced with some tribal flava.

DJ Chase (Tempaural, Vital) - jazzy and soulful rollers by Chase, slickly mixed with that funked up vibe he's known for.

Doors Open @ 10:00 pm
$5 cover
19+, ID required

The Hooch / Gypsy Coop

817 Queen Street West (west of Bathurst)

Vital Residents Marcus, Velocity and Chase will return next Saturday.

See ya tonight!