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Vital @ B-Side


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I arrived at the party at 11:30pm after a long day of recovery from Tribe 8th anniversary @ Turbo the night before.
I wasnt too hype about this event since i never heard anything about vital parties, yet when i was finally sitting inside and djs diligence and velocity were spinning some of the sickest tracks i ever heard and with such incredible flow that even while i usualy rip the dance floor, this time i couldnt move even a bit so that i wont get distracted by watching my steps.
In case you missed THIS party, you probably missed the most incredible experience in underground electronic music you could have had in months (years?).

The party started pretty wiikidly; The 1st set which was UK garage, which was nice.. as a warm up .. i never heard UK garage before and hence i couldnt truly immerse myself into the music. When the atmospheric drum'n'bass arrived, mixed with some old and new skool jungle beats i was totaly hyped! Those guys mentioned above should defenitely serve as an example for the entire t-dot jungle scene. Forget Turbo, taste some real drums and basses! When their set was comming to an end i decided not to waste the incredible groove it developed and rushed to the dancefloor like a 13yrs old teenie. Next followed some break beats with a bit of jazzy whipping. Obviously i couldnt stop my self and proceeded dancing like crazy almost until the party (sadly) came to an end at 3am.

Overall i'm totaly impressed by Vital and i believe every body who was there will back me up 200 per cent!

Tribe related, i havent met too many people (since it was a pretty small party) but i did manage to talk to KiFe at last (let's burn some weed man), to JayIsBored (who wasnt bored at all! word!) to MoFo (sooo cute.. if i was a girl i would have fallen in love) and to my dear J-Hi and Headwinds (who were totally acting like they were on sex drugs all nite j/k
) I dont think i knew anybody else so i was hanging alone most of the nite.. listening to the incredible music that was flowing all through my body!


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i had a lovely night!

i got in around 11.30 and i think divy was on the decks but i'm not too sure. eitherway, a nice set was rinsed out. diligence and velocity were up next and velocity totally put me on my ass. he started off with patife's pra voce lembrar (carnaval rmx), went into dj die's jittabug and then marcus intallex's remix of sincere. i seriously think i fell in love when he dropped armand van helden's ain't armand. his mixing, programming, track selection...his set was absolutely amazing.

i'm not sure of who was up next because i'm not really into breaks but whoever you were...you spun a nice set. you made some1 who usually has nothing to do with breaks, dance her ass off. that remix of the eurythmics sweet dreams was too nice!

overall the night was pretty entertaining. good music + good company = a good time!

V Dub

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Awwww good company! Thanx Nat-lee, I had an awsome night too.

And yes, breaks always puts me in a good mood!


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yeah dan's mixing/programming skills are awesome, same with the all the djs that night. unfortunately pat and i were the definition of sobriety that night and were quite tired from an afternoon of drinking
the breaks kinda got me jumping but it was more of a few spurts of dancing here and there. next time @ vital we'll do it right. nice to chill with the usual tbk and nice to finally put a face to the dude i cream in UT eh airbag?

churn churn churn chicken chicken chicken BONEMARROW!
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alrite.. next time i wont be reading a book while fragging your jumping ass!
hehe j/k

gimme a shout for some hardcore carnage asap!

KiFe- CTF baby!


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Well if this was your first Vital event than I hope, and trust, that you enjoyed yourself. I'd have to say that last night we kept true to our reputation. I'm surprised that time and time again we get the same results. Almost every event I've done so far this year has been about the same. But who can get tired of chatting, drinking and dancing a bit at the b-side.

I don't really want to take credit for the success of the Vital events. Anyone that comes out knows that what makes these things great is the people who come out. The vibe is unmatched. It's not a fake sort of warmth in the air that you might find at some raves where people are all high on who knows what. Instead, people are just genuinely nice. The B-Side is also perfectly set up to enjoy the company of friends (and the bar).

I also get great support from the amazing djs that we have play each time. Divy has proven to be one of the best UKG djs in the city, and the beautiful flowing drum and bass sounds provided by Velocity and Dilligence are a welcome change to the dark and aggressive jungle found at most events. It is this new jazzy, bubbly drum and bass that has stolen my heart. Then there's Green Olive (my absolute favorite breaks dj, that has played at every Vital party) and Switch who play better back to back than any two other djs I've seen. If one of them is busy doing one thing, the other is constantly supervising and helping out to make the set better. I warn everyone out there to watch out as the djs that we bring in today, may take the city over by storm tomorrow.

Our sexy flyers come courtasy of the wonderful mighty plum (Ron), who's talents are ever so wonderful. And MoFo (Sunny) is stepping into the action with his wonderful photography skills. Thanks guys. If anyone sees these guys at our parties, buy them drinks; they deserve them for the hard work they do.

Then lastly of course is our wonderful friend mcbee that travels to hell and back to help me put these things together. So if you make it out to any of our next events (July 6th, 14th or 28th - so damn busy in July!!) and you're having a good time, give her a big kiss to say thanks. I'm sure that free drinks would also be welcomed, as she's an alcoholic like me.

Most people who come, usually want to see one music style or another, and often bug me about showcasing one particular style. For example, i don't think Echo goes any longer than 10 minutes without bugging me about "when the breaks will be on?" or "why aren't the breaks on yet?". But what people fail to see is that variety is the spice of life. You can find all drum and bass, breaks or garage events that are similar to what we are doing. I believe that good music is good music, and it doesn't matter what style it is. Besides, it brings together a great mix of people that might not normally go out together. I hope everyone appreciates that this mixture of music styles also helps to make these events very special.

Well, this post is super long, and I'm super hung over, so I'll cut it off here. I will leave it by giving thanks to everyone who came out, and made my night so much fun.'



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CC:
give her a big kiss to say thanks. I'm sure that free drinks would also be welcomed, as she's an alcoholic like me.

well i do like kisses and i do like drinks!!

but seriously, i've said it a million times shawn...its my pleasure to help you out. Vital parties are so special and i'm glad i get to be a part of what you have created.
as we said this morning at 5am 'we are SO professional
' (whatever!!!)

last nite was no exception to the rule....an amazing nite filled with lots of friends, new and old, lots of drinking adn lots of great music!!

divy, diligence, velocity, green olive and switch - thanks guys! wicked music all nite and SO many of my fave songs were played. you know its a good nite when i actually brought my runners to change into. the second my beloved breaks came on, the boots came off and my runners went on.

as with every vital party, it is the people that come out to support who make the nite so special. big thanks to everyone - you guys put a smile on my face everytime. at one point last nite, i looked around the room and every single person there was dancing their asses off or had a huge smile on their face. nice feeling to see that.

to the sleepover crew - dannielle, adam, kelly, andrea, shawn and kevin - thanks for all the laughs. too bad about the pizza!!

kevin - thanks for helping me deal with the stresses of yesterday and today

shawn - love ya lots. nuff said.


dj velocity

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damn, I can't say enough about this night! Everything was top notch.
First, thanks to Sarah and Shawn for continually throwing some of the most creative and diverse parties. Last night was no exception.
How can you not love the B-Side?! Cozy with more than enough dancing room. Easily my favorite small club in TO.
Also, being able to spin B2B with Diligence was definitely a treat. He's one of my favorite djs, wicked track selection and skills. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the set!! I really appreciate it!
As for the atmosphere, nothing short of amazing. Everyone seemed to be in good spirts and enjoying the layed back vibe. Great to see so many old friends and meet some very interesting new people.
btw, Tella check your e-mail!

Can't wait till the next event guys


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diligence and velocity - where do you guys spin?
diligence said something about empire parties.. but i'm thinking more of smaller/intimate parties like this one.

Spread the word guys!
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Sounds like everyone had a wicked time!!!

I was stuck in Aurora, I fell asleep at 12am, so I couldn't come enjoy the tunes with you guys!! And I was sooo hype for it too...

Too bad Sunny didn't get in for free and he paid for all his drinks, and he paid for the film and the deloping... But I'm sure Vital will keep up their end of the deal... yes?


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Loads o' fun. I was really out of it from a stressful week so I tried really hard to have fun which wasn't that hard anyway. It's actually never hard to actually lose yourself at B-Side. The positivity I get from everyone there is just phenomenal.

And thank you to all the people who let me stick a camera in their face. Met some really sweet peeps and snapped some sweet faces. Hopefully, I wasn't too intoxicated because wouldn't it be just dandy to give Shawn a pile of blurry photos?

I would also like to thank Shawn for giving me this opportunity. The more practice I get, the better! So thanks, man.

air-bag: Needless to say, if you were a boy, I would've totally dug you too... oh waitasecond...

And no, Jay wasn't bored at all. A little sober though.

I laughed on the bus home thinking about "bone marrow!" It's the next craze, you wacky cooks!

Can't wait for Jon B.! I did some GOOD word=of-mouth advertising and hype-ups for you Shawn! Gotta let people know how wicked Vital is, you know?


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awww....we love sunny

what a cutie

and shannon - you were definately missed
but have no fear, july promises to be ALL about vital!!



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^^^^ correction: Vital owns july!!!!!! 3 events planned so far, including a huge d&b headliner and my personal b-day party.

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^^^^ july 6th, 14th (my b-day bash madness), and the 28th. august has the 11th locked down so far. thanks for the interest. you keep coming and i'll keep doing it.