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Vital at the B-Side on April 27th


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Date: Saturday April 17th

Location: B -Side, corner of Peter and Richmond

$6 cover. Arrive early!!!

we're sticking with the djs that made the nights so much fun. all the regulars:

Green Olive & Switch

this will be just like good old times. so far we only have two events for the summer and the next one won't be until july 20th, so don't miss this one.



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i'm soo looking forward to this!!

good drunken times with friends at the bside!! what a way to kick of the summer!!

(shawn regarding the one on July 20th....some resceduling might be necessary! that day is robin's wedding!! a vital party cannot happen without me!!!)



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make the note that this is on APRIL 27th, not the 17th as noted above

and maybe i can reschedule it. to be honest, i think my bday might land on the 13th. i'm not 100% sure... it's months away still

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Originally posted by funkNstyle

Sarah, I believe we have a date with the floor :)

i'm looking forward to it;)

i was at the bside this weekend hosting an engagement party for my best friend....the party was a success and it got me all excited for the upcoming vital party!! lots of fun memories can back to me and i'm DEFINATELY looking forward to the 27th!!!


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Why do these events always happen on days I cannot attend?
oh well I guess I haft to wait for the summer.

oh wait.. it's on the 27th! ohhh!
In that case count me in.
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^^^oh joey:(
it won't be the fun drunkfest without you.

fyi - the flyer is posted in the upcoming events section. check it out...looks sweet!

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