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requires a gigahertz processor (expected), 1 gig of ram (uhh .. excessive), and get this .............

............. 15 gigs of free space to install.

what the hell is in this operating system that it requires 15 gigs?
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I tried the latest build of it but it is still very slow and buggy. Once the final build is released I am sure MS will have pumped up the boot time and most major bugs will be fixed.

It does take up quite a bit of space for installation but looking at the size of storage these days it's really not an issue.

I had Vista running with 2 gigs of ram in my notebook and it was already doing well. Once optimized this new OS is going to purr and look dam good doing it with the new visual enhancements imo.

Given MS has pushed the release date back of Vista I am sure they know It must and probably will run like a beast when it hits the shelves.


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Hey, I want Vista to be a horrible failure as much as the next guy but aren't releases like these filled with debugging code that, once removed, allow the software to run much faster anyway, probably use less RAM as well?

15 Gb disk is kind of stunning, tho
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