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Virus A B and C


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Virus A has 12 polyphony
VIrus B has 24 poly
Virus C has 36 poly

Virus B has more effects than Virus A, such as distortion and a phaser, it also has a new operating system where you can convert the memory for the demo song to presets. Virus C has a even more features than B, including more effects that can be run simultaneously.

Otherwise the sound engine and the filters are the same on all of them, so the sound quality of a C is same as the A.

There used to be a good comparison chart on the Access website, but I can't find it now. See if you can locate it: http://www.access-music.de/


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actually the filters on the indigo and C are different...they released a new algorithm thats supposedly more "analog" sounding

regardless, the filters on the A are awesome...i had one for a few months..it was ill...if only i had known what to do with it when i had it..ahaha

there are other differences too...lots more memory to store presets on the b and c, more arpeggiator patterns, more oscillators on the B and C..

anyway you get the gist...


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i still have a virus a... got it in 97. it's the one piece of hardware i can't let go - unless i upgrade. i love that beast.
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I'm looking into buying a virus just not sure which one will best suit my needs. Looking into producing some trance but not too well versed with analogue synths. Some guy wants to sell me his virus A for 700 bucks, is that a good deal?


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i should clarify that...$550-600 US or so is about going rate for a virus A..that being said, for that money you could buy reaktor 5, which will take you 8934758478574 lightyears further than a virus of any denomination ever will, and still have about $50 or $75 left to spend at the brass rail on cheap booze and fast women