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virtual smackdown


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did anyone get to this party? i just heard about it on saturday, but i couldn't pass up that lineup for 20 bucks.... lenny dee, paladin, sos, miss money penny, frisky, d-minus, marty mcfly........other people i can't remember......

so it was at the zen lounge, which is actually a really kick ass venue for a smaller party. we got there around 11 and it was pretty dead inside, but it picked up as the night went on. it was never super crowded though, so there was tons of room to dance. lenny dee played a techno set first, and a hardcore set later on- both of which were amazing...it really got the crowd off their asses. then it was paladin, the reason i was there, who of course threw down a fucking kick ass set......the best was when he played o fortuna and he came out onto the dancefloor! good times......

so i didn't get to stick around to see d-minus and frisky, which sucks, but i was way tired. i really liked this party, although i think on the flyer it must have said "doing e for the first time tonight??? come to virtual smackdown!!!". and i'm not one to talk- i've done my share, but this was just insanity. every time i sat down i had someone asking me if i was ok cuz i wasn't dancing, and then proceeding to tell me how sorry they felt for me cuz i wasn't on e.
i also got a lot of unwanted lightshows......oh well.....it was amusing to say the least!

so i had a pretty good time and i really enjoyed the venue, so use it again ok??!!
it was funny seeing a bunch of ravers in there though, cuz i used to go to zen (when it was still the zoo bar) every friday and it was filled with spooky kids dancing to NIN. but it looks way better now, without the creepy sex booths........