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Virgo Appreciation Thread


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Sept 20th. Just making it in under the wire. I'm not sure how many virgo traits I have, but dyad likes think I do. Especially that whole "incredible lovah" thing :p
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Originally posted by Wiseman
Sept 8th, 1977.

To quote a mug that I have:


"You are the logical type and hate diorder. This nitpicking is sickening to your friends. You are cold and often fall asleep while making love. Virgos make good bus drivers."
I question that you are in fact a virgo. Not one of those accurately describs you. Not even close.

Disorder is your niche.
Yea right, on the falling esleep part.
And you don't even have a licence.


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Originally posted by LeoGirl
I question that you are in fact a virgo. Not one of those accurately describs you. Not even close.

1.Disorder is your niche.
2.Yea right, on the falling esleep part.
3.And you don't even have a licence.
1. I like order I'm just not very good at it.
2. can't seem to find a rolleyeyes big enough for that comment
3. Ok got me there.
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Originally posted by circle
August 27th, bitches.
The last guy I dated was Aug 27.

Wicked in bed, fun to be with, but as far as dating him he was perhaps too alouf and detached for me. I am a gemini and can be those qualities myself...but he took the cake in that department.

I have dated 2 virgos now. I get along very well with them. Very down to earth people. I do think that they are very unaffectionate people though. They have a wall put up around them. I think some of them can be kinda shy and insecure. Even the ones that are more outgoing, I would say some of it is an act and they might be insecure deep down.

So big ups to virgos...you people are good shit!


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Also I find August virgos more introverted and intriguing then September virgos.

September Virgos are sometimes(not always) more outgoing and talkative that August virgos.

But it really all depends on your moon sign. For those who don't know your *sun sign* is your personality(how you come accross to people) and your *moon sign* is your emotions and deep hidden true feelings. I am a Gemini with a Capricorn moon.

If anyone wants to know their moon sun pm me and I will tell you what it is if you give me your birth info.
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Originally posted by stir-fry
did you just completely diss virgos and then big them at the end?

no shortage of crazy there
Every sign has good and bad qualities ya know. Just becuse a sign might have some insecure qualities doesn't mean I am knocking them. If you read properly I said they are down to earth people that I get along well with them.

I did not mean for it to be taken that I don't like virgos..sheesh.


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The Virgo partner

Virgo's sensual needs are often deep and powerful. Their sensitivity and delicacy make them aware of another person's needs in a very acute way which hastier signs don't notice. But Virgos can take a long time to really fall in love. They're not easily fooled by a pretty face or a beautiful body. They think too much and know too much.

The Virgo partner needs to communicate, and work is terribly important. Virgos frequently identify with their jobs and validate themselves according to how well they fulfil their own expectations. If you don't share their interest in work, or show a willingness to talk about the things that are important to them, Virgo can get pretty bored with even the most sexually exciting partner. Emotion and sexuality aren't enough to hold a Virgo's heart. There has to be a meeting of minds.

Virgos like instruction manuals. They'll try anything if it's explained in clear, easy-to- understand steps. Take the instructions away and they often panic. They always read the handbook first, and this makes them terrifyingly competent in almost any sphere of life they choose to explore.

Unfortunately there aren't any instruction manuals for how to deal with love and passion (although there are lots that pretend to be). It's not surprising that so many Virgos are terrified of what they perceive as the dangerous lunacy of falling in love. You'll find many apparently cool and unromantic Virgos, sexually skilled but emotionally withdrawn, who tell you that doing it every night is good for you, but who won't ever utter that scary four- letter word beginning with "L".

Wild moonlit love-at-first-sight encounters aren't Virgo's style. They observe the world too much to take such encounters seriously. And they don't like gambling. Gambling with instantaneous passion can be hurtful and disillusioning. Some Virgos go cold and shut out anyone to whom they're too attracted, because they mistrust anything sudden, uncontrollable or unexplainable.

Of course, you'll sometimes find a really wild Virgo who seems to break the mould. But look closely. You'll usually find that their heart hasn't really been touched. Love, for Virgo, is something that takes time, knowledge, and careful nurturing. In the end, they'll choose the reliable over the flamboyant.

Virgos are realists. You can see this in their tastes, their furnishings and their working life. The useful, the safe, the knowable, the things of quality, are always preferable to the gaudy, the temporarily fashionable, the unreliable, the "cheap and cheerful". It can be a terrible bore or, tempered with a little humour and a sense of fun, it can give a quality of understanding, warmth and wisdom which is powerfully magnetic and highly attractive. The operative word here is "fun". The Virgo partner may need your help in learning the word.

Earthbound Virgos often starve themselves of sheer joy in life. They want it badly, but they're afraid they'll have to pay too high a price for it. Virgo people can often be seen with long lists of what must be done each day. Play is not included on the list. Virgos often choose a partner who embodies all the frivolity, unpredictability and "selfishness" (this is a favourite Virgo word) they won't allow themselves.

If you're the dashing, unreliable fiery type who seems to have a secret pact with the gods and actually gambles with life rather than displaying due caution, you're likely to be a magnet for a Virgo partner. That doesn't mean it's a union made in heaven. Either the Virgo partner loosens up and reveals that wonderfully poetic secret soul - in which case you're in for a delightful future together - or else he tries to play Pygmalion and chips away at you to get you to become more "mature". Then comes the final scenario of you spitting fire like a dragon and booking a solo flight to Goa because you're fed up with always being nagged and criticised.

Relationships are rarely smooth and easy for Virgo, unless they play terribly safe and find themselves another earthy type who fits into that orderly Virgoan universe. But then, sadly, they're always a bit bored, and life's a little dreary, and they feel they've somehow missed the boat. The Virgo partner can be the gentlest, kindest, cleverest and most genuinely helpful of mates. And yes, he can be passionate too. All he has to do is learn, every now and then, to be a child, and recognise that what is useful is not always mutually exclusive of what is alive and meaningful and full of joy.
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