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Virgin Festival - Saturday: Reviews!!!

Buddy Holly

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They played HUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome concert.
Very, very good like.


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bjork. i fucking love her. i've loved her since i was in grade school and cried when i got her tape for xmas! i had yet to see her live and god i was blown away! BLOWN AWAY!

i had tears in my eyes, and it was a spiritual experience to me... as she went through her stuff i got more and more excited and just started dancing and singing and getting lost in her. i was my own for this show (my friends left claiming it was boring?) and actually found myself right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of hardcore fans. we all had a great time, and such a great view! god she's beautiful.
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I'm seeing bjork in Atlanta next Monday (10th row seats!!!) Sounds like its gonna be a great show. Thx for the reviews.


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rentboy said:
Everything felt so controlled and anal-retentive. Toronto needs to loosen up a bit.


agreed there...enjoyed the festival but find that Canada (maybe it's Toronto), has a long way to go as far as atmosphere goes. Too many stiffs in the crowd for my liking.

Loved the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday, Interpol didn't impress and Bjork was outstanding.

Missed Jamie T on Sunday (really wanted to hear him), Tokoyo Police club were just alright for me, Editors suprised me with an amazing performance..don't know much of there stuff, seemed a bit Interpolish with U2 guitars...but definetly worth the walk after the Killers. Killers were amazing and stole the show on Sunday.

One of the things that really bugged me about the festival was the Bacardi Dance Tent...as a big IDM fan, it really bugs me that some great DJ's/Producers just didn't get the exposure they deserved by restricting admittance to those 19+ who want to drink fancy Bacardi drinks. Exposing youth to good Dance Music (Steve Porter, Princess Superstar, Jelo, Dirty Vegas...etc) can only be healthy for the scene. Since all they are exposed to here in Toronto is z103.5 and this is what they think is good dance music. I say next year they should allow un-restrict access to this stage for all Festival Goers.... who's with me.


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nice shots... I'm starving for more pictures and videos.. I can't find FUCK ALL on youtube yet. I saw 400 morons with cameras lol post your shit!


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The lineups were bollocks, Bjork was brilliant and even though Interpol has been one of my favourite bands over the last few years, I was barely interested in their set. They're not a festival band - why not bring in Arcade Fire or something to liven things up? Arctic Monkeys, although not a band I know too well, had the crowd pulled in, which was nice.

Got to say Thanks to Andrew for the pass!

Had a great time at Footwork after, although I don't know where I summoned the energy to dance till 3am after that day of never-ending lines, wait, wait waiting...


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MoFo said:
I don't have any music reviews other than Bjork so I have a different take on the event...

Like Vench, I was part of the VIP/guestlist mess.
I took some photographs for CMTM for the Vfest website so I went thinking I was gonna get some perks in Perkville.

Arrived at the Queens Quay checkin to find a huge lineup out the door that didn't move. Checked in after seeing a Artist's Guestlist table and got my ticket and my pass. The lounge had a ferry coming every 30 minutes and free booze. All the food was gone and they didn't replace it. So starving and thirsty, I ordered 3 free beers and drank alone. Nice and buzzed and getting excited.

Suddenly, this girl comes out saying "there are 10 spots left for the next ferry" so everyone rushes out. I didn't see anyone return so confused, I figured they all got on. I decided to wait for the next one but found out there was already lineup for the next one (hence, why people didn't return). Headed out before 3 to line up and we were told we were 165 out of 175 but due to budders, we might not get on.

Well, there were at least 50 budders because A LOT of us didn't get on. 4:10 rolls around so we missed CMTM, Princess Superstar and MIA. And there was clearly plenty of space on that boat. I don't think there were even 100 people on that ferry. But can't do anything so we wait.

Ferry finally returns and we get to the island around 5 I guess? There were many media people bitching about this. I felt bad for the National Post guy in front of us.

Anyway, we get there and we think: VIP area here we come! Drinks, food (still hadn't eaten anything)... Get there and we have to buy beer tickets in the VIP area. We also can't access any of the hot food due to our passes (neither can backstage people apparently) so we sit and eat $4 hot dogs watching Virgin employees and sponsors get salmon and jerk chicken.

6 and 7 PM rolls around.. Still no access to the backstage. Even Hot Coworker's parents and girlfriend had to wander around. All the free beer backstage is now gone. Their rider and trailer didn't get ordered. So they have nothing and are left with a guestlist of people who are basically locked in a VIP area. Though some of us got interviewed by the Naked News girl. I'll post pics when I upload them. It was TRASHY but a good laugh. No ATM nearby so I had no cash and we were being told beer was on its way. No dice.

8 PM rolls around. sober as fuck and I decide to set up camp for Bjork. I came for her and I might as well enjoy myself. Beautiful day, gonna try to forget the lineups for the bathroom, the tickets, the ferry...

Bjork was fantastic. Mediocre sound IMO and not a great set but I'm a HUGE fan so I knew every song, every remix, every word.. But yah, I changed locations about 8 times because everywhere I stood, I kept overhearing people talking about their cottages or what they were up to this summer.. I heard a few "We're leaving, Bjork is too fucked for me" comments so that was a downer.

But having gone to a few Bjork shows (including the most amazing show at the warehouse where I was 15 feet away from her and the magically deafening island show 2 years ago), I'm picky.

I thought Bjork's set was more of a slower set than Glastonbury. She did a lot of her newer stuff but not the most amazing tracks for a live performance.. More of a tribute to hardcore fans though she did pepper the show with a few beat-heavy tracks.

Hyperballad and the remix of All is Full of Love are two big numbers for me so that was neat. But Cover Me, Unravel, Wanderlust and a few others went over a lot of people's heads.

Again, the sound was not loud enough. I was not pleased compared to past shows. Innocence (a very beat heavy glitchy Timbaland track), Pluto and Declare Independence should've been mind-blowing and ear-piercing. I danced a lot to those but it wasn't intense enough for me. Maybe I was standing in the wrong location (next to the AV stand in the centre).

All in all, I had a good day but I will think twice about going to an island festival the next time the offer comes around (unless Bjork is there again).


I got to take a chartered boat over, got driven around in a golf cart, free food and free booze all day, and I got an all access wrist band

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b3nji said:
I'm seeing bjork in Atlanta next Monday (10th row seats!!!) Sounds like its gonna be a great show. Thx for the reviews.

you will NOT be dissapointed.

i waited what... 14 years to see her live?
i am never missing another show ever. again.

and to be THAT close to her?
i thought i was going faint.


junglegirl: hell ya! amazing!