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Vinyl Syndicate/TorontoJungle.com "Bad Company"


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For $17, this all jungle/d&b party was so worth it. Almost every local DJ represented @ this event, with a few new up and comers as well. On top of that, one of the top heavyweights of D&B: )E|B( aka Bad Company was on the bill as well.

Lighting effects and sound were hype, nice and crisp, somethin' that we usually expect from a party @ the Docks complex. Can't forget them tight security mofos..hehe. =P Vinyl Syndicate could have done better though if they pulled this event off @ Turbo seeing as the Docks wasn't even half full. I guess only true dedicated junglists and headz came out to support and hold their own. Vibe was pretty top notch for some parts of the nite...

Set tid bits:

Unknown Souljah/Rukkus - caught only the last partsof their set. some nice dance smashers laid down. MC Trajady, Delerious Dee & Bandit workin' the mics. One after the other back2 back, pretty impressive. Smooth flow....especially Bandit. Other promoters gotta book this emcee for their parties.

Mystical/Evefresh - nice hard set. Tight mixing as you'd expect from Mystical. Dropped a couple of rough rough dubs. Antics of MC P, Trajady & Bandit took the stage.

Sniper/Slip - another hard & rough set! Sniper raping the mixer as usual, and Slip dropping his usual blend of hard chunes. The veterans of the emcee scene took on the stage..nice back 2 back bizniss by Caddy and the Natural.

Bad Company - like what you'd always expect from the BC crew. So-so mixing with their blend of hard ass dubs and smashers!!! At least it was Fresh & Vegas this time around. Anyone hear "the Beginning" remix? Ouch!!! 2 hours worth of d&b heaven....crowd went nuts when the Nine was dropped!

Marcus/Lush - we always know what to expect from these guys. Perfect mixing...though I've been hearing similar sets by Lush for the past month or so now.

Capital J/Spinz - the usual stuff. JD & Nai tearin' up the mic.

Illfingas/Ruckus/Slide - rough! Wikkid mixes and pure b-line pressure!

Over all, this party was quite impressive. But like I said, vibe could've been tighter if it was @ Turbo seeing that the crowd size was pretty minimal. Most over played song of the nite has gotta be Digital's "Deadline"..I think all the above guys dropped this chune.

On a side note....keep in mind that most people are there for the music, so turn the mic level down a bit please! Hehe...