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Vinyl Syndicate presents "DJ Hype"


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Been a while since Vinyl Syndicate has thrown down a jam to call their own but oh gosh was the wait ever so worth it! A strictly 19+ all d&b jam filled with world class local talents and none other than the one and only DJ HYPE headlining the night. What more can one ask for on the fine long Canaday day weekend?

Held at the intimate scenery of the Opera House. Quite surprising to see a nice array of various lighting effects and visuals. Sponsorship from Benson & Hedges? (as seen on the overhead projectors...interesting =)) The sound system however was really something, a definite stray from the usual for the venue. The sound was bangin' the entire night; one of the best systems I've heard at a party in a while.

Quite puzzling how the crowd was pretty small for an event of this calibre. This could easily have been jungle party of the year to date (IMO). Those who were at the jam know the score.

Slip & Slide started the night off with a tearin' set. Glad to hear "Blame VIP" since this track hasn't been rinsed in a while. Played enough new tunes forthcoming in the next few weeks. Lush & Everfresh followed up with a pretty laid back set that slowly built itself up. Ended their mixdown with the latest remix of "Rollige." Up next were 2 of TO's finest: Mystical & Marcus spinning one of the best local sets I've witnessed. Track after track of dancefloor smashers that kept the crowd on their toes. Notable mention would be Mystical droppin' that "Messiah-ish" track that I'm yet to determine. MC P and Caddy Cad workin' the mics hyping up the crowd.

Next on the decks was none other than the great DJ HYPE! Quite a different set than what one would expect from the 'hype' one. Kept the scratching at a minimal. Played enough new tracks and a galore of remixes. (Snapshot remix, Casino Royale remix, this old Ray Keith tune relicked, and a killer Reach Out remix just to name a few) And a Hype set wouldn't be complete without his own dub mix of "Ready Or Not" and the usual teasers that we all have known him for. (The Nine, 31 Seconds, Deadline, etc.) MC Bandit representin during this sick set.

All in all had a wikkid time. Big up the VS crew for holdin' down again. Props & respect to Robbie & Pat. Looking forward to future VS parties.



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thanx to Vinyl Syndicate for puting together an awsome night full of Earth shattering ground shaking soul soothing JUNGLE!!

As I walked in I had that excited feeling you get when you first step into a party and feel the bass hit you you and it shakes your heart in your rib cage... I hadden't been to a pure jungle party in a while and that familiar drum then bass sound put a huge smile on my face

so I walk in and see the Benson n Hedges logo thingy progected up on the walls beside and the ceiling atop the dj I was a litle pissed off... it was totally shameless and distracting.. but as the night progressed I got more into the music and cared less about the freakin signs. and besides.. that was some beuatiful inteligent lighting.. everyone who was there knows what I'm talking about!

HYPE - I wasn't inpressed with his set @ Bittersweet, but holy fuck lay it down brotha!! not very much scratchin goin on but tight track selection that cept me moving! I don't know every track name like ^^ that guy but alls I can say is DAMN. nice set

Mc Bandit did a wicked job by complimenting the music.. not over powering it. I haven't heard better Mcing in a long while!! NICE ONE!!

SlipnSlide, Lush and Everfresh, Mystical, Marcus - as usual the TDOT locals come through with amazing tunes mixed to perfection! I'm sooo spoiled living in this city.. thanx guys for an amazing night!!

the only thing that through my off was how empty it was.. liek I love the dance space but I it was weird!! a lot of people missed a great night...

anyway.. BIGGUP Vinyl Syndicate! thanx for a great night.. I'm still exhuasted - and that's a good sign!!!!!