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Vinyl Sale For The United Way..Again


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Hi Gang,
Well once again I've got a crapload of the wax I do not need, so I'm sellin it off for the United Way (we raise teh funds here at work) Anyhoo the list is below in Excel format. Most records go for $5 a pop, but I'm totally open to negotiation if you buy in bulk or think the record is worth less


Feel free to pm me with any enquiries.


TRIBE Promoter
Because I've been asked, here's the list

Number Artist Title Label
199 11:30 Ole Ole Aqaurius
63 " " "
34 ? Save The Rave (DJ Ian + others remixes) GCP
61 ? Bow Wow Wow (Remixes) Priority
85 ? Rockean'roll/whatchagonnado/scana Circus Company
169 ? Feel It White
237 ? ? ?
276 ? Ghostlawns Warp
381 ? Feat DJ Cosmo Cannons/Street Stages Arrakiss
382 ?? The Classic EP Aquarius
90 ??? Explorer Compilation Explorer
368 ???? Carpet Search Intro/Rising Acidphunk ?
327 ?????? Celebrations/Demencia/The Time Is Now Maffia Music
NE 13 14th Street Superstar DJ/Children Trippin' White
NE 6 16B No Doubt HOOJ
439 1NC Unconditional/Movin' On Brite
316 3 Monkeys Crazy People Bliss
191 4 On The Floor Old Skool vs New Skool Mixes Jive Electro
NE 36 50 Cent DNB Remixes (sorry, no clue what it is) White
481 51 Days Feel So High Touche
458 Adam Starr Bad Acid Jesus * Radikal
33 Adam Stylz Put Up Your Dukes Du North Records
NE 40 Agoria La 11eme Marche Pias
225 Al Faris/Andrew Wooden Drugs N Rock & Roll Real Groove
82 Alex Bartlett Amnesia (Green Court/Flutichit vs Shokk) Drizzly
407 Ali Vegas Theme Of New York Columbia
377 All Star Tracks Vol 3 Various party remixes dollar bill
395 All Star Tracks Vol 7 Its Like that/Party track/Infiltrate Remix dollar bill
425 Allure Enjoy Yourself remixes MCA
348 Alpha Breed Enlightenment Combined Forces
360 Amanda Ghost Filthy Mind Warner
369 Anaconda Fuego/Magia Bomboza
247 Andy Farley The Killer Verdose
142 Anonymous Gold Dream White
496 ANTI Bubblz/Dead In Motion Warp
497 ANTI Bubblz/Dead In Motion Warp
398 Aphrodite Summer Breeze V2
423 Aphrodite Woman That Rolls EP V2
422 Armand Van Helden Why Can't You Pass Some Time Arned
NE 30 Armin Van Burren Presents Rising Star Armind
485 Ashlee Simpson LA LA (remixes) Geffen
359 Astronauts Of Antiquity Same Ground/Love Divine Liquid Sound Lounge
362 ATC Around The World BMG
378 Avante Garde Get Down (The Remixes) Vendetta
391 B Legit Destiny Koch
380 B.B.R. Sputyn Arrakis
60 B.Poppers Fly Away G-Force
59 B2K ? UC
84 Barcode Bros/ Dooh Dooh (Darude Remix) Universal
444 Basement Jaxx Romeo/Where's Your Head At XL
450 Bedroom Bedroom Secrets Vol 2 Booby
371 Beenie Man Analyze This Vrigin
290 Ben Sims Remanipulator Remixes Primate
339 Benjamin Diamond In Your Arms Epic
374 Benjamin Diamond Strange Atitude Epic
NE 43 Big Country In A Big Country (Noel Sanger Mix) rr1000
492 Big Time Charlie On The Run Vendetta
488 Blackspider Save Your Life (Warp Bros Mix) Vision
376 Bliss Butterflies Vik
62 Blue Eyes Trini Garden/Bato The Coming/Organics 2nd Generation
99 Bob Brown Simplification Frameworks
106 BOM Squad Pickin' Da Cut E.P. Combined Forces
307 Bomfunk Mc's Uprocking Beats Remixes IHR
NE 12 Brazillion Girls Don't Stop (Remixes/Accapella) Verve
284 Brian Harden The World Peace EP Dust Traxx
319 Brothomostates ? promostates
57 Bug Clone ? ?
245 B-Voice Eternity 2000 Harem
70 C.T. Slipstream Igloo
410 Calyn Stay (Claussell Remix) ??
404 Cap One Creep Motown
36 Carl Hancock Intro To Revolution/Ashphalt Yards Giant Step
NE 39 Carole Pope All Touch/Trascend (Hatiras Remix) Bugeyed
460 Cass/Slide The Italian Job 666 Fire
275 Cassius & Steve Edwards The Sound Of Violence Astralwerks
330 Celeste Prince Inside Your Secret (Hex Hector) Capitol
87 Channel 2 Flippy Disco/Hard Love DMC
79 Charlotte Skin (J. Vasquez Remixes) Nervous
344 Charlotte Someday (Morales Mix) Nervous New York
343 Chaser Blue Planet Soma
331 Cheek Venues Sunshine People Remixes Versatile
342 Chocolate Solse Feet Start Dancing Hi-Bias
461 Chris Sheppaed Club Cutz 303 Selections BMG
NE 47 Chris Vench Modus operendi/open your ears stickmen
471 Circco Castelli Phunky Mafia EP Moody
72 Club Robbers Honey Ride This SPG
448 Coast 2 Coast Home (5am/Tiesto Remix) Ultra
354 Collie Bud Sex Mobile ?
340 Commander Tom vs Marco Baby The Cow Part II EP ?
353 Compulsive Movin' Remixes Amato
341 Console 14 Zero Zero Bold
NE 26 Craig H Smith The Harden Soul Project Hush Hush
347 Crystal Method You Know Its Hard Remix Outpost
440 CZR Take Me Higher Moody
320 D Product Crimes Against Technology Full Cycle
80 Dajae Time (Josh da funky 1, steve smooth remix) Kid Dynamite
379 Dannie Scott Without You Afterhours
466 Darude Sandstorm (Remixes) Groovelicious
349 Das Licht Traumwelten Push Up
6 David Morales El Nino White
336 Dax Riders Hysterical Mamma Remixes WEA
478 Debelah Morgan Dance With Me Atlantic
228 Dee Magic Koochee Blue EP ?
346 Deep Red Flow (DJ Dan Remix) Primal Breakz
335 Deja Whenever U Need Somebody Strictly Rhythm
224 Delerium Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey Remix) Nettwerk
277 Delerium Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey Remix) Nettwerk
356 Delerium Underwater (Above And Beyond Mix) Nettwerk
NE 29 Depeche Mode Dream On (Dave Clarke/Bushwaka) Mute
NE 41 Descent Deep End Release Elements
NE 21 Dick Rickles Keep On Movin'/Retrobotic Stickman
219 Disco Biskitz Disco Biskitz/Show Them The World Flash Traxx
400 Discoland (Clamaran/Pautrat) We come to party remixes D-Noy
71 Disruptor Exposed AMP/Radar
68 DJ @ Work/ Drunkenmunkey Time 2 Wonder/"E" SPG
325 DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Now That You're Gone Fresh Fruit
323 DJ Bam Bam Elektro-Synthesis Underground Construction
324 DJ Eric Presents We Are Love Distinctive
NE 11 DJ Flex pres Feedback E.P. Amazing (Clamaran Remix) Subliminal
102 DJ Genesis/Box Cutter Common/Transit/Disruptor Epidemic
73 DJ Lick Just 4 You Bulletproof
162 DJ Maryln vs Reverand Bee I Have Seen The Future ACM
NE 42 DJ Pedro & Mark Russell Do You Dig The Beat Filtered
218 DJ Phenix Do U Luv Me Fluential
NE 16 DJ Raoul pres Cosy Creatures Freedom EP Oomph
322 DJ Rap Good To Be Alive Higher Ground
136 DJ Sandy vs Housetrap Overdrive Positiva
220 Dre@m It's A Dream Flash Traxx
446 Dred & Karma Suck This/I Don't Want No Other White
453 DSS/A.B.L If You Want It/High IQ Dech'M
NE 33 Dusted Always Remember To Respect.(PVD, DD) Nettwerk
NE 34 Dusted Always Remember To Respect.(PVD, DD) Nettwerk
386 E-40 Nah, Nah Jive
388 E-40 Nah, Nah Jive
495 East Side Sampler Jt Donaldson/Lance desardi/D.Neveau ????
194 Eiffel 65 Blue (Remixes) Popular
198 Electronic Twisted Tenderness (Selected Tracks) Koch
480 Enlitejuice Litejuice/Enlite (ian pooley) Strive
222 Enrique Englasias Sad Eyes Remixes Interscope
31 Entropika Trax Vol 1 Come On, Relax Entropika
64 Eric Clapton Get Lost (Remixes) Reprise
92 Eric Clapton Get Lost (Remixes) Reprise
195 Eurythmics 17 Again (Thunderpuss remixes) Arista
212 Faithless Tarantula (Rollo/Bliss, Hiver/Hammer/Tiesto) Cheeky
189 Fatboy Slim Sunset (Bird Of Prey) Skint
462 Filter The Best Things (Remixes) Reprise
239 Firewall Party Started Right Pepper
NE 51 Fish Go Deep 3 Miles Attic Space
390 Flesh N Bone Way Back Koch
176 Flickman Go To My Head I Am
317 Four Play Zig Zag Four Play Music
394 Frank E & Mars L Song Of The Holy Man Aqualoop
490 Froggy Mix No Naggin' Anymore Virgin
441 Funkstar De Luxe vs Terry Maxx Walkin' In The Name Attic
463 Funky Choad feat Nick Skitz The Ultimate (Tall Paul remixes) Fire Island
190 Future Primitive Open Your Mind Jellybean
240 Futuretribe Dreamstate/The Afterlife Slip
146 Gant Gerrard You Gotta (Remix) Dust Traxx
173 Gender Fix Product FLY
170 Gene Farris The Spirit (DJ Sneak Remix) Farris Wheel
NE 44 Ginuwine/Jennifer Lopez In Those Jeans/I'm Glad Remixes ????
182 Graham Haynes Inn A Most ?
179 Grant Phabao Cannonbutt Pro-Zak Trax
149 Groove Armada I see you baby (FB Slim Remix) Jive
100 GTM Smith & Wessen EP HARD ON
NE 22 Gwen Stefani What Are You Waiting For (Van Helden/housecat Remix) Interscope
350 H. Geek Xhemicals Flash Traxx
3 Hatiras Liquid Adrenaline Session 2 IHR
260 Hatiras Arrival SIDE A/SIDE B IHR
261 Hatiras Arrival SIDE C/SIDE D IHR
262 Hatiras Arrival SIDE E/SIDE F IHR
476 Havana None Of This Arista
405 Haystak Reckon Koch
424 Hidden Flight Windsider ??
53 Hilary Porter My Love Will Lift You Up (Remixes) Finger Printz
180 Hooverphonic Mad About You Epic
124 Huzzy Uzzram Traction 9mm (Jan Driver) Kombinat
442 Iffy Super Bad Girl (Minty Remixes) Foodchain
186 Imitryxx Powered Out/MIM/Par 4 `Great Lakes
161 Infernal Slave To The Rhythm Basic Traxx
469 Inner Sanctum How Soon Is Now Submarine
160 Jan Johnston Silent Words (Remixes) Perfecto
27 Jerseystreet Step Into The Light Junior
98 Jet Fuel feat. Rob Base/EZ Rock Take This Party Higher Remixes Universal
168 Jeymes Samuel When It Rains Giant Step
163 J-Groove 5am/Feels Like I'm Flying Point Blank
138 Jimpy/Wolf Voices White
250 Jonah Yeah Right Kickin
274 Jonah Yeah Right Nervous New York
172 Jose Nunez Hold On Subliminal
300 Josh One Contomplation Immergent
NE 31 Jully Black Stay The Night (FYAH, Soul Diggaz) Universal
491 Jungle Brothers Freakin' You (Remixes) V2
74 Kajack Inifinity hurrikane
328 Karin De Ponti Hypnobounce Diva
414 Karl K Synapse Higher
151 Kathy Brown Joy Definity Records
178 Kay Cee I Feel You Go For It!
152 K-Ci & Jojo All My Life Remixes MCA
321 Keoki Relax Remixes Moonshine
345 Keoki Relax Remixes Moonshine
155 Khan Karaoke Remixes Part 2 Matador Records
154 Kid Energy Energy Traxx Flash Traxx
216 Kim Lukas Let It Be The Night Jive
217 Kim Lukas All I Really Want Pepper
159 Kim Sozzi Feelin' Me BAB
351 Kimball Collins vs. Gyrate Music Is Life Jive
107 Kinder Atom Ladies/Left Leg Remixes Nice+Smooth
153 Kitch Cosmic Distance Groovy
251 Kloakin King ? ?
89 Krust & Die (Kamanchi Proj.) Back To Da Boogie/Disaster Must.. Full Cycle
4 Leomoon Frequency Topaz
282 Lexicon Ave From Dusk Till Dawn Forensic
238 Lexy & K-Paul You're The One Low Sprint
200 Liam Sachar Worlds Apart Wellwicked
384 Limp Bizkit Rollin' (Acapella, mixes) Interscope
299 Limp Biztek ROLLLLLLLLIn White
470 Lisa Pin Up Keep On Rock Hard Records
326 Lisa T/DJ Funky Rickstar vs MC S. Feel My Love/The Dance Floor Is Yours D-Noy
148 Lorren G Funk ?
132 Love INC Here Comes The Sunshine ?
131 Lucrezia Lookin' 4 Love Logic/BMG
119 M.R.J. Do It Right/Different Story 4 Real
104 Mach 2 JFK-Flash/Citizens Of Earth RPM
144 Madonna Beautfiul Stranger (Calderone/Orig) Warner
454 Maestro Heatwave/When I Rhyme Song
209 Mahir I Kiss You Universal
140 Mama's Pride I'll Take You There Rise
141 Mandalay This Life V2
101 Mansa's Erotic Café Disco Graffitic/Hit And Run Elypsia
289 Mansa's Erotic Café Love & Happiness/Love 4 Sale Elypsia
145 Mariah Carey Heartbreaker (Remixes) Columbia
255 Mark Almaria Abstract Beatdown EP IHR
305 Mark Almaria Abstract Beatdown EP IHR
308 Mark Shimon vs 3rd Degree Interstella (Innervision Remix) Decipher
18 Matt Darey pres. Mash Up Liberation (Ferry Corsten/Matt Darey Mix) Final Chapter
75 Maureece Outcast Radar
298 Mendez Fiesta Universal
23 Mephisto Odyssey Sexy Dancer Primal Trax
413 Micro Sound Barrier Moonshine
499 Mike Oldfield Far Above The Clouds (Jam/Spoon) Kinetic
304 Mike Vandenberg Flightpath Sadie
76 Mind Trap Hypnotizm Nervous Dog
9 Mindcrime Project Blackbetty 2001 Upbeat
408 Miracle Bounce Like Me Universal
115 Mixlexic Can't Stop This Feeling/I Won't Let You X-Static Records
NE 27 MN8 The Urban Sensual PT 1 Ultrasound
8 Moby Natural Blues (Perfecto Mix) V2
112 Mocean Worker Into The Air Palm Pictures
280 Moguai pres. The Punx The Rock Punx
NE 32 Mongobonix MAS-PITO & So Deep Subliminal
416 Moni P Stripped 45 Music
468 Musique New Years Dub White
26 Mutiny UK feat D-Empress New Horizons Azuli
232 N Holder Love To Love You DNH
12 Nelly Furtado Party's Just Begun (Remixes) SKG
NE 37 Nelly Furtado Forca (Armand Van Helden/Rui de silva) Dreamworks
117 Nico Marks Musicology EP Maffia Music
230 Ninja/C-Row/Wisdom The Album Vol 1 4Indamorning
383 Nowcity Knok it back/Not ready White
389 Nowcity Wright Now/Bounce/Drop NC
139 Nu Flavor Sprung Reprise
11 o40o Dreams (Remixes) Mainline
NE 48 Odeed 7th & Broadway Moonshine
16 One True Parker Singing Ringing Tune/Killer Eruption
43 Onionz & Greg Skankovich The Magic Of Music EP Siesta
125 Orgranic Audio Good To Go Nettwerk
126 Orquesta Del Sol Musica Del Sol Metropolis
432 Oscar De La Hoya Run To Me Capitol
403 Outsiderz 4 Life College Degree Blackground
213 P.A. (Parental Advisory) Just Like That Dreamworks
455 Parental Advisory Select Cuts Dreamworks
309 Paris & Sharp Aphrodite EMI
171 Paul Jacobs Soul Caliber pt 4 Stereo
55 P-Ditty For Live Strictly Rhythm
120 Peppermint Jam Allstars BMB/Matty Helibronn Peppermint Jam
121 Phlash Plash 300, PT 1 and 2 Estereo
399 Phunkie Souls The Music DEfected
111 Phunky Data Hard Night Sekence
54 Pink Most Girls (Remixes) LaFace
477 Pink Most Girls La Face
498 Pink Most Girls La Face
296 Plaid P-Brane EP Warp
415 Planet Perfecto feat Grace Not Over Yet 99 Perfecto
396 Plasir D'1 Nuit Alex Palmer/Serious Bass Blue Nuit
123 Playgrounf Part 04 24 Karats/Main Ingred./Trouble Men KIF
406 Pop Da Brown Hornet Sun Neva Chill/I'm Sooooo MCA
244 Porn Kings Sledger Universal
52 Pragha Khan Power Of The Flower Antler-Subway
295 Pre-Fuse The 92 vs. The 02 Collection Warp
51 Princess Di II Everybody Wants To Fuck Somebody Music Station
385 Puppet Screw Face Outlaw
77 Rachel Starr Remember Motus
37 Ramsus Steady As You Go Pias
434 Ram-Z feat. Drag On Let Me Be The One TVT
435 Ram-Z feat. Drag On Let Me Be The One TVT
436 Ram-Z feat. Drag On Let Me Be The One TVT
437 Ram-Z feat. Drag On Let Me Be The One TVT
105 Random Proverb Translated Document/EPMT 2nd Generation
292 Ravelab Send Me An Angel 2001 Pure
110 Red Shift Motivation Remixes F111
243 Rene Ablaze pres Virgo Life On Mars Combined Forces
38 Revolution Void Viva La Revolution ?
30 Rhythm Doctor Journey To Obscuresville Lost
91 Rick Garcia La Luz Moody
NE 45 Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death (Middleton Remix) BMG
310 Rob Fabrie Make Some Noise D-Noy
114 Robert Miles Paths Shakti
393 Rochelle Fleming It's Not Over Afterhours
48 Rockets/Brahama Future Woman/Future Love Apricot
392 Ron Carroll Stronger Afterhours
456 Roski & Mr Precise Howeebuss Bumrush
272 Russian Roulette Just Fall Out High Octaine
293 Sarah McLachlan Remixed (selections from) Nettwerk
311 Savannah Spirit Decipher
NE 28 Scissor Sisters Laura (Remixes) Polydor
303 Scratched Scratched ?
NE 50 Sean Q6 Out In The Shed Viscious Discs
129 Secret Squirrel Secret White
258 Shadowme/Mac Thornhill Indy-Ann/The Change D-Noy
109 Sharp Boys feat Kenny C Raise The Alarm Azuli
39 Silent Poets Save The Day Yellow
28 Silvio Ecomo Standing HooJ
66 Silvio Ecomo No-Dip/Freespace/Get The Drummer Bango/BPM
42 Simply Red Ain't That A Lot Of Love Warner
143 Singtao La Musica White
427 Sisqo Return Of The Dragon Def Soul
32 SK8 My Imagination Logic/BMG
137 Skeet 20/20 Undercover Remixes Entropika
NE 46 Skud Closer SFP
241 Skyjack Culture Love ROMP
203 Smokin' Barrels Basses Laoded Yoshitoshi
46 SM-Trax Got The Groove Groovilicious
14 Solar Twins Rock The Cashbah (Remixes) Maverick
312 Sono Blame Polydor
294 Sote Electric Deaf Warp
214 Soul Doubt/Jorge Zam../Ferral Popas Groove/You Can Get/Psychic Drive. Eurekahouse
188 Soul II Soul I Feel Love ?
409 Sound Of the Future The Lighter Formation
270 South Beach Boyz Thank U Mamma/A Little Respect Higher tate of America
479 Sparkle It's A Fact Motown
29 Spero feat Dannie Scot Without You Afterhours
474 Spooncurve Each Tear Better Songs
NE 4 Starchaser Falling Star (Original/PVD Dub Mix) Vandit
489 Stephanie Cooke & Kenny bobien Love's Been Right Here King Street
256 Stephanie Mills Latin Lover MAW
65 Stephen Simmonds I Can't Do That Priority
291 Steve Hey Baby Sounds Good
428 Steve Knight Greener Explorer
473 Stevie Too High White
315 Sting Fragile Remixes A&M
44 Street Knowledge Black Cherry Trax ?
288 Suba Felicidade Remixes Six Degrees
357 Subculture My Way Afterhours
332 Supa DJ Dmitry Don't Talk Me Down TVT
45 Supakings Back & Forth Club Tools
401 Sven Vath L'Esperanza Eye
35 Syndicate Of Law Right On Time D-Noy
259 Syndicate Of Law Boys & Girls D-Noy
438 Talent Celebrity/Breakin Up Rockland
457 Tank Freaky Blackground
207 Taxi Gang The good, The bad and The ugly Miles Ahead
278 Telefuzz Sleep Upstairs
487 T-Empo Fouk Breathless
267 The Baldwin Bros Dream Girl TVT
372 The BPM Project Save The Rave (DJ Ian + others remixes) GCP
193 The Evidence Way 2" Chronobrain
187 The Gimmik Papa Was A Rollin Stone Flying
242 The Grid Texas Cowboys RCA
118 The Modernist Explosion USA Matador Records
417 The Musik Orange'E Nervous
40 The New Latinaires Casa Forte Ubiquity
67 The Real Debbie Does Deptford/Mary Mac Eurekahouse
281 The Wiseguys Start The Commotion Wall Of Sound
204 Thomas Krautmann Moments Blutonium
205 Tobi One For Your Pleasure EP Tag
269 Tom Broke How Much For An Hour Dust Traxx
122 Tom De Lux Doin It Right Phantom
210 Toshi Kubota Nothing But Your Love Epic
78 Tour De Force Automation/Mogwai Transcend
147 Trevor & Simon Hands Up MOS
431 Tricky Excess (Acapella/Album/) Evolution Hollywood
206 True Steppers/Dane Bowers/Victoria Beckham Out Of Your Mind BMG/Vinyl Soul
83 Twin Pitch ? ?
402 Twisted Heat It's Going Down Interscope
443 U2 Elevation (Quincy Sonace + others remix) Universal
494 UK Gold Agent Wood (Remixes: 2x Vinyl) Primevil
88 Ultra Nate Desire Universal
449 Unknown (Some Deep House stuff) ??
465 Unknown King Of Pain White
486 Unlucky Bitch Get The F%$K Out Tag
306 Utah Saints Funky Music Remixes Nettwerk
429 Vibes Alive Real Love remixes ???
501 VJS Inc ft. R. Gilliani Take Me (E-smoove mixes) West Side
13 Vzions Everybody Jump NuCamp
430 Wamdue Deep Down/You're Still Here/Scattered.. Earth
493 Wave Files 4 Brothers Underground SOM Underground
358 Wax Poetic Root Groove/Angels Atlantic
211 Way Out West Mindcircus Remixes Nettwerk
500 Way Out West Intensify (Peace Division) Distinctive
208 Weekender Spirit In Your Soul EP Toko 19
NE 49 West Magnetic The Fire E.P. Ultrasound
482 Wink How's Your Evening So Far Ovum
314 WOSP Getting' Into You Sumo
287 X-Cabs Strider Over Breaker UG
484 Yaz Don't Go (1999 Todd Terry Remixes) Mute
246 York On the beach/Reachers Of Civ (Rank 1 Mix) Manifesto