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Follow up to last week's set from Vinyl Junkies with some more nasty beats!

The mix that we are featuring here is a 2nd half of the set recorded live at Footwork on June 2nd. If you can dig this, then make sure to check Vinyl Junkies out at their residency on Fridays @ Footwork

For more info check out www.vinyljunkies.ca

1) Seb Fontaine - More (Mark Knight Mix)
2) Coburn - Give me Love
3) Universal Truth vs. Shannon - Let the Music Play
4) Pete Heller - Big Love (Trent Cantrelle and Steve Lee Re-Rub)
5) AU4 - Everything Always Moving (Paranoid Jack Remix)
6) Erick Morillo feat. P. Diddy - Dance, I Said (Masi & Mello Heavyweight Remix)
7) Rooster and Sammy - Take Control (Tj's 06 Machine Mix Pa-Tdot)
8) Who's Who - Sexy Fuck
9) Kobbe & Austin Leeds feat. MC Poppa Grassie - Land Of Voodoo (Mario Ochoa Remix)
10) Carlo Lio - Everybody

Length: 58:39

Enjoy....Especially Groovespinna ;)

Download - http://www.houseaddict.com/showthread.php?t=4937