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Vinyl for sale, classic gem in mint condition


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Various Artists "Missile Launches Volume 2" Missile Lp 002 discog's info


A1 - Fred 2 - Mono Flight sample
B1 - Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid (Claude Young Mix) sample
B2 - Cristian Vogel vs Dj Slip - Rabked Cake 2 sample

C1 - Angel Alanis - Drum Rehab (Advent Edit) sample
C2 - Neil Landstrumm vs Dj Slip - Rebaked Cake 1 sample
D1 - Kit Clayton - Come To An End sample

The price for this record is $30 CAD. It was released in 2000 and the only time I've ever played it (this copy anyway) was to record the sound samples. it is MINT CONDITION. no finger smears, no skips, nothing. Every track is great and it'll appeal to house heads and techno lovers alike.

payment is via paypal if you don't have an account, start one.

reply to bleep@isoprax.com
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