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VINKALMANN / V-Train M357 / Dark Progressive


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Sit back and relax. Take a trip up a stoney hill of steady beats. No bumps, no stops till the top of the hill. Progressive house, breaks, and trance cars ensure a satisfying ride.

Mixed on Ableton Live 5.0. Rendered to 320Kbs MP3 from WAV sources with special attention paid to sound quality.

POTS - Trance Popper (original)
Mary Jane - Creeper (original)
Espen - Along the Edge (original)
Moonbeam - Katrina (original)
Jay T - Kuh Thing (Nancy has been using Marijuana)
Costa & Collins - Peyote Ugly (Pig & Dan)
Katakana - Liquid Assets
Charles & Kling - Parallel Realities (Section 75 v Riff Raff)
Charles & Kling - Parallel Realities (Adam Sparks Oak St)
Soft Minds - Breakaway (Electric Re-edit)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Great mix. I love the blended build toward the harder ending and that last track was just divine.

Awesome stuff :D
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