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VINKALMANN / Space Flashbacks / Progressive House


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VINKALMANN / Space Flashbacks


We all have some of those mix albums that got played 1000 times. One of mine was John Digweed/Los Angeles. That was some good stuff, way ahead of its time. My current mix is filled with those dark spacy sounds. Fans of Digweed Los Angeles should download for the sake of being taken back by "Apollo Vibes". I recently rediscoved CP and Pole Folder and they're got some solid tracks. "Revealed" at the end is a winner and my cohorts out there with similar tastes will dig it.

Greater Power/Arktikism (vocal edit)
Ha Pardon/DJ Tarkan (Original Mix)
Apollo Vibes/CP & Pole Folder (Kasey Taylor Mix)
Innocent Falling in Love - Delerium (Deep Dish Gladiator Remix)
Looking To The Mirror/Logiztik Sounds (original mix)
Scared to Lose feat. Sandra Ferretti/CP & Pole Folder
Meiva/JM Berutich
Citidella/Nick K (Original)
On a Bridge/Rich D (Waiting for you Mix)
Revealed/Blank and Jones(Progressive Mix)

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