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VINKALMANN / 60 Minutes of Fame / Progressive House


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VINKALMANN / 60 Minutes of Fame


This set represents my debut on Frisky Radio. Originally played on May 25th, the mix is filled with the sultry vocals and the dark progressive sound that my listeners have come to know. DJs looking for some dancefloor corkers should check out "Seven Nation Army" and "Firetime", I've been getting great responses from these two.

Night Falls (original mix)/Booka Shade
Bad Water (Funk Electro mix)/Mister A
Deep Inside (Funkalogik mix)/Stereo Nova
100 ways ft Chris Andres (Lord Street Heros Mix)/Cal D
Seven Nation Army (original mix)/Open Air
Missing (Oliver Berger)/Nicola Fasna / Oliver Berger
Deep Inside (Luna Mood mix)/Stero Nova
Within (Vidal mix)/Vidal & Joe Cozzi
Nowadays (Original Mix)/Micel Curcio
Firetime (Flush mix)/Tony Senghore

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korruptor said:
Kick ass mix man. Probably my fav of the ones you've shared to date. Good skills :D

Thanks man! Glad to here you're liking the set. Based on your mixing I'll take that as a high compliment!