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Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy


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Super Bowl Trophy - City of Toronto Collectibles For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.

No low ballers. This is as close to the real deal as you can get!

Up for grabs is a 1973 replica Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy. This trophy celebrates the 1972 Miami Dolphins and their perfect season.

I can guarantee this is nothing short of amazing once you lay eyes on it. Comes with a cardboard box with styrofoam for travel protection.

It is made from a mixture of brass, steel, aluminum and nickel. A perfect fit for any NFL fan or the man cave of your choice.






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It weights about 10lbs. I think... It is hollow and was made for me by a friend. I have two of them. The base is weighted at the bottom. I can only keep one of them in my house. That's why its up for sale.
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Linda Blair? OR A walking dead who no longer has a need for clothes or old tv/vcr sets.

Nice trophy.

That and the Budlight should be in every persons "man cave" sports bar basement.