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Vilest Worker - Busted Beatbox Volume 2


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The second mix in my Busted Beatbox series under my Vilest Worker moniker.

Nothing but the best of the new with my favorite old gems tossed it to level the playing field. This mix is hard. It has an excess amount of broken beats, synths that sound like small dogs being forced into even smaller boxes, 8 bit drum kits and big bosses...

Vilest Worker "Busted Beatbox Volume 2"
01 - Paul Birken "Speaker Phreakin (2006 Remix)" Tonewrecker 10
02 - Steve Poindexter "L.S.D. (Remixed By Wonderland)" Chicago Style Records 12
03 - Martyn Hare "Untitled" Emetic 04
04 - Cari Lekebusch "Must Fall" Kaun Trax 01
05 - TSR "The Big Boss" Don't Recordings 09
06 - Quick'n'Smart "Knoten" Don't Recordings 06
07 - Martyn Hare "Untitled" Emetic 04
08 - Ruben A "You Really Would?" Nasty Colour 03
09 - Edge Of Motion "Set-up 707" Djax-Up-Beats 135
10 - Sugar Experiment Station "The Ratcatcher" Pocket 06
11 - Stefan "Trampa" Hor|Spiel|Musik 16
12 - Smooky "Get Your Groove On" Electronik Weed Crew 03
13 - TSR "Big Giant Head" Don't Recordings 09
14 - Groove Asylum "FIB" Gravitational 03
15 - Panic Crew "Freak Perfume" Robox Neotech 07
16 - Jason Leach "Untitled" Death To Vinyl 01
17 - Oliver Rosemann "Unique Haircut" Miditonal 07
18 - Attuk "Go Hot (Featuring Marc Mautz)" Neue Heimat 30
19 - 3d!t "Stranger" Miditonal 07
20 - Neil Landstrumm & Bill Youngman "Facial Transplant" Feinwerk 06

Download Busted Beatbox Volume 2

Fun in the Murky My site has more audio and news regarding the music in this mix

For more info about this mix and the artists, tracks, and labels used or if you're curious as to what my shoe size is feel free to PM more or send an email ( bleep@isoprax.com ).
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My earliest recollection of a Big Boss that gave me issues.

He blew puffs of smoke! The pattern took me the better part of three days to figure out.

Makes me want to check ebay for a Sega Master System w/ Shinobi.

Definitely going to get some Atari in today.

Anyway, while I'm blasting away in Millipede I hope you two goon squaders enjoy the beats (and apparently a lucky turn of phrase).