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viewing html source in Outlook?


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Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

I cant for the life of me figure out how to view or edit the HTML source of a new message. All settings are on for HTML to be the new message format, there is just no option anywhere to see/mod it at all. :(

I am trying to compose an HTML email from a webpage

In Outlook Express I know you can toggle between preview mode and HTML view for a new message

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I've had to do this before and remember needing to use Outlook Express in order to do it.


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You can right click the e-mail and select view source.

Here's the way I make html e-mails with Outlook:

Create html page in Dreamweaver or editor of choice.
Preview in a browser.

Click somewhere on the page in browser and select ALL (cntrl-a)
Copy then open new HTML e-mail in Outlook and paste.

The nice thing is outlook will rework the code for you and actually embed the images so that everything shows up in the e-mail as it should.

Try it out.